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   Chapter 93 The Right Time (Part One)

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A tense fight was approaching.

The young man stopped halfway in his advancement. He could sense that the growing energy force ahead would smother him.

He was just a cultivator at the top stage of the Mysterious Realm, same as Elder Thomas. How could he take on a cultivator of the Wonder Realm? At this very moment, the two cultivators of the Wonder Realm in his team rushed forward and activated their vital energy, pushing back against the opposing force. Otherwise, the young man would have suffocated under its weight.

The two energies collided. The powerful impact between the two sides sent shockwaves across the arena. It was still too much for the young man to withstand. He took several wobbling steps backward to maintain his balance against the force, but the impact had injured him, and blood spilled from his mouth.

Meanwhile, the two cultivators of the Wonder Realm continued to fight Michael.

"We have underestimated his cultivation base," said the first cultivator. "I can't believe he is this strong even though he is just at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm."

The two cultivators were awestruck to find that despite their shared efforts, the clash against Michael ended in a tie. But they had intended to use their first bout only as a test to see the level of Michael's cultivation base. They had yet to exert all of their vital energy.

Darren, who had been standing beside the arena, retreated several steps as well. Part of his cultivation base had been revealed, but he did not show his trump card. He was waiting for the right moment now. He would assist Michael to fight against the two cultivators when the time was right, but it was still risky to do so now.

"Darren, are you all right?" Elsa asked with concern in her brows, as she took his arm to help keep him from falling backward. However, she too was fee

rgy as possible while he waited for Darren to make his move. Michael was confident about Darren abilities. After all, Darren had his secret weapon that his opponents could not foresee.

The sky thundered.

Another lightning strike split the dark sky, covering the entirety of Ilmen Sect in a flash of bright light.

The earth shook as Michael's and Moore's attacks came against each other.

"Not bad, old man! I guess you really wish to meet my blade."

Moore was losing patience. Neither of them had an advantage during the fight, and both were suffering from internal injuries.

"Ha-ha! Moore is going to exert the Omnipotent Talent Skill. The old bastard will be in trouble now," Simon said to himself.

In a flash, Moore's vital energy surged. The next second, a great blade made of lightning and fire appeared from the rolling clouds above. Everyone in the vicinity could feel the invincible power of the great blade in the sky.

"Lucky for you, old man. Feel honored to witness my Omnipotent Talent Skill! This move is doubly powerful! It'll kill you twice! Ha-ha!"

"Impressive! The Omnipotent Talent Skill Moore has mastered is the Thunder Firing Blade Intent." Simon was surprised to see the great blade as well.

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