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   Chapter 92 Rebellion Began (Part Two)

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The man who ridiculed him was Clark, the Elder of the School of Spear Skill.

Alan could do nothing but grit his teeth so that he could stop himself from speaking. He initially thought that today would be a good day. However, things didn't go as he had imagined. Somehow, he even ended up being insulted like this.

"You, come over here." One Wonder Realm cultivator grabbed Darren by the arm and dragged him onto the battle ring following young master's order.

Darren stood on the stage, calculating what to do next.

'The Sect Leader asked me to take out a Wonder Realm master with some special skills. But right now there are two Wonder Realm experts here. He hasn't taken any actions yet, so I can't act recklessly.'

Darren controlled his anger while he was waiting for Michael's instruction. He didn't want to mess up Michael's plan.

"Who wants to challenge him? Anyone who defeats him will be my servant," The young man said loudly.

He waited for a few moments, but no one volunteered to battle Darren.

Creasing his eyebrows, he stretched out his hand and attacked several disciples. In an instant, the poor victims turned to ashes. With a vicious expression on his face, he said menacingly, "If no one fights him, I will kill all of you. Ha-ha. If you haven't noticed by now, I enjoy killing."

"Sir, I'm Randy Mu. I'm ready to battle him!"

Randy took a leap and positioned himself in front of Darren.

"Bastard, get your ass out of there!"

Clark scolded furiously as he recognized his disciple.

"Elder Clark, cool down. These masters are in charge here now. You're in no position to lecture me. After I've slain this brat, I will be his squire. When that happens, you w

s such a violent, formidable sword intent.'

"This is interesting. There is a genius in a sect as small as this one. He's like a diamond in the rough, and I'm going to wipe him out myself!" The young man murmured with a smile.

He stretched out his palm to hit Darren.

Things were getting out of control. Michael had planned to observe for a while before making a move. But now, enough was enough. Upon noticing that Darren was in trouble, he rushed towards his side without any hesitation.

"How dare you make a move against Darren, you brat? I will send you to your Creator!" Michael bellowed with a terrifying gleam in his eyes.

All of a sudden, dark clouds encompassed the whole sky.

Making things even more terrifying, the training ground started to shake violently.

"This is not good. The Wonder Realm cultivator is about to attack young master. We have to protect him at all costs!"

The other two Wonder Realm cultivators exclaimed upon realizing that Michael was about to hit their young master. Each of them released a terrifyingly powerful aura to combat Michael and closed in on him as fast as they could.

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