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   Chapter 91 Rebellion Began (Part One)

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Alan walked to Michael's side, and patted his face in a condescending manner.

"Old man, do you feel afraid now? You should be. But you know that, don't you? It doesn't look like you're an idiot. From this moment on, I am the new head of the Ilmen Sect. All the cultivation resources of your sect belong to me now. I no longer need your permission," he said, cruelly laughing out loud.

He turned around to face the rest of the people and announced loudly, "Listen up, all of you. Today is a big day. I'm the new Sect Leader. You have two choices: either you surrender now, or you die.

First of all, I'd like to announce some big news.

The people of the School of Sword Skill will be sentenced to death, so will everyone from the School of Arrow Skill. The disciples from the rest schools will be slaves to my people from the School of Blade Skill. Am I making myself clear to you?"

After Alan's declaration, the place became filled with pleas and cries in an instant.

"Oh my gosh. What should I do? I cannot die or be a slave! I still have to take care of my parents," one said in a panic before breaking out sobbing.

"Elder Alan, please let me go home. I don't plan on joining any of you."

The training ground was thrown into a turmoil.

"Long live our great leader!"

The disciples of the School of Blade Skill exclaimed cheerfully. Now that Alan was taking charge of the Ilmen Sect, they could do anything they wanted.

In order to show their new power, some of them walked to the crying disciples and beheaded them with their sabers just because they wanted to.

"You son of a bitch. Our master has just become the new Sect Leader, and you have the audacity to say that you want to go home? How dare yo

his grand uncle would stand up for him, but it turned out that he was on young master's side.

"What are you waiting for? Get on your knees and apologize, you loser," Moore Mo demanded brashly.

The next second, an enormous internal force Moore had unleashed came at Alan and forced him to get down on his knees. Alan knew that if he did not make an apology, he was the one who was going to be killed. He was shocked. It was until now that he realized how weak he was compared to the Wonder Realm cultivators and the young master.

Terrified as he was, he pulled himself together instantly. He quickly lowered his head, and said sincerely, "I'm sorry, sir. Please forgive me for my rudeness."

The young master laughed out loud cruelly and responded, "Fine, I'll spare you this time. Just remember one thing: you are nothing to me."

In spite of the situation they were in, the people present still felt glad to see the young man insult Alan that way.

"Alan, do you believe in karma? Never in a million years did I expect that I would ever see you kneel before someone like this. Ha-ha!" ridiculed a middle-aged man with a spear on his back.

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