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   Chapter 90 Two Masters At The Wonder Realm

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Inside the bamboo cabin, Darren sat opposite the other two people.

"Sir, is he the super genius you were telling me about? He looks so young, but young people always turn out to be legends." The old man studied Darren for a while, satisfaction slowly building up in his eyes.

"Yes, he is." Michael nodded with a smile. He was disguised as a weak and old man who had one foot in the grave with a secret skill. Then he continued, "Wayne, did you bring the items? Give them all to Darren."

After Michael finished his words, the old man put on a serious face. He carefully brought out the items and placed them in front of Darren.

"Mr. Wan, what are these? Why do I sense a strange aura from them?" Inspecting the things in front of him, Darren felt that they were very extraordinary. "Would these be able to help me kill the cultivator at the Wonder Realm?"

"These things are the products of my efforts and wit. Whether the Ilmen Sect could get through the calamity or not is up to you, Darren," The old man named Wayne Wan said.

Darren examined the things carefully. He saw that there were weird runes on them and that these runes were similar to the runes in the cave in which he hid from fiends. But the aura emitted by these runes was less powerful than the ones carved on the cave.

"Sir, were these things refined by you?" Darren asked in curiosity.

"Ha-ha. Darren, you probably have never heard of rule cultivators. They are a minority, but Wayne is one of them. Of course, these things were refined by him," Michael said with a smile.

"Rule cultivators? Sir, I have never heard of them. Two sheets of paper with weird runes on them and an armor, are you sure these could make me help you kill the master at the Wonder Realm? Are the things refined by rule cultivators that powerful?" Darren asked with doubt in his voice as he pointed at the three treasures.

"Darren, rule cultivators were more powerful than martial artists during the ancient times. But they have declined as the world changed. Although I'm a rule cultivator, I don't know much about them and their history. If you get the opportunity to access the mysterious group, you would probably learn more about them," Wayne said.

"Well, I will teach you how to use the three treasures, and he will remind you of some details that you need to pay attention to. Then, we'll go to the training ground," he continued.


On the training ground, disciples fought furiously on battle platforms. The competition among the five schools had become scorching hot.


A disciple of the School of Sword Skill was thrown out of the battle platform, but his rival rushed over him and stomped on his body instead of stopping the fight.

"Humph, the disci

ples couldn't help but cry in despair.

"You called us here just to destroy a small sect? The young master also came with me on a whim. But you just cast a chill over us!"

A middle-aged man in luxurious clothes, who was one of the three figures, complained to another old man in black robes.

"Simon, young master." The old man robed in black cupped his hands as a gesture of respect and explained, "Young master, a cultivator at the Wonder Realm is in the small sect. To avoid unexpected situations, I invited Simon to help. I have never imagined that you would come here. It's a great honor, and I wouldn't dare displease you."

Actually, the old man in black was glad to see his young master, because it was considered as a crime to leave the Holy Land without permission and ruin a sect. But if the young master was involved in this, he needn't worry about the punishment. 'Thanks to young master's curiosity!' he thought to himself.

"Old bastard, why don't you show up and give your position to me? So I can ask my grand uncle to let you die in one piece!" Alan shouted towards the direction of the main peak.

Swiftly, an old and slim figure flew over through the air as if his one step covered up to a thousand miles. It was Michael, the head of the Ilmen Sect.

"Alan, you needn't rebel. If you're determined to be the head of the sect, I will give the title to you. You needn't pick such a big fight," Michael said slowly. Noticing how powerful the three figures standing opposite him were, he couldn't keep calm as he was before.

Two masters at the Wonder Realm and a master at the top stage of the Mysterious Realm!

At the same time, Darren quietly went into the crowd. Seeing two masters at the Wonder Realm stand on the platform, Darren's heart missed a beat. The situation was adverse to Ilmen Sect.

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