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   Chapter 89 A Rainstorm Was Approaching

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Time had gone by fast. Only five days later, it was already the beginning of the Five Schools Competition in the Ilmen Sect.

Early in the morning, the square of the sect was soon crowded with people—both sect disciples and elders gathered in the area.

Even Darren and Elsa arrived at the square early. But Darren was rather restless—it was doomed to be a restless day.

"Darren, although the skill you and Elsa obtained can only be used once, I have no doubt that you will shine on this stage today," Cody noted. The disciples surrounding Darren and Elsa all belonged to the School of Sword Skill, including Cody. After he heard about what happened to Darren, he looked forward to his performance in the competition.

Shaking his head, Darren said, "Cody, I won't be taking part in the competition this time."

"What? Why not?" Cody asked, puzzled—he had no clue what was about to unfold. But Darren had to discuss the big plan with Michael immediately. To him, there was no point in participating in the competition.

"I don't want to join. It's meaningless," Darren answered, gently but firmly.

"You're strange. Everyone's out there, scratching their heads, preparing to outdo themselves in this competition—some are even excited for a chance to attract the attention of the beauties in the audience. Yet, you don't even care to participate," Cody chuckled. "I really don't understand you."

"Cody, with your strength, you surely can get some beautiful women to scream and cheer for you. Come on," Elsa teased, standing aside.

As they chatted lightheartedly, a group of people headed toward the area where the disciples of the School of Sword Skill stood.

"You're Darren?"

The speaker was a handsome young man whom Darren had never seen before.

"Yes, that's me. Can I help you?" he asked, rather indifferently.

"Ha…" Suddenly, the young man's handsome face twisted into something cold as he grinned maliciously. Stretching out his tongue, he gave the spear in his hand a long lick. "No…I just came to remind you that my divine spear is interested in your blood."

With that, he fixed his eyes on Darren with the tip of his spear pointed at Darren's neck. Without another word, he turned on his heel and walked away, leaving everyone confused.

"That was Randy. He's said to be one of the two most mysterious geniuses of the Ilmen Sect. He hardly ever shows his face. Six months ago, though, I heard that he stabbed someone to death—some genius at the Mysterious Realm of the other

e crowd with the beaten woman.

"Well… it's no surprise that she deliberately wants to cause trouble because of love and hatred." Elsa gave Darren a look.

"It's because of you." Daren shook his head. The phrase made Elsa's heart begin to race until it was going a mile a minute.

Still, she managed to keep her face looking innocent. "Did I do anything wrong?"

"Of course not. It's because I like you. Well… I'm sorry for Fiona."

After hearing the agreeable answer, Elsa grabbed Darren's arm and hummed softly as they walked together.

After waiting for about an hour in the square, the Five Schools Competition officially started.

The rules of the competition were rather simple.

Every disciple who participated in the battle could challenge freely. No fewer than 30 people from each school could participate.

With Darren's present strength, he was never interested in participating in the competition. It was Michael who told him not to expose his true strength so he could avoid taking part in it. At the beginning of the competition, he received a secret notice from Michael and visited the bamboo house.

In several arenas, the disciples of all schools began fighting without noticing that danger was on its way. That day was doomed to be a bloody day still, as there were over ten cultivators who were in the seventh, eighth, or ninth stage of Mysterious Realm in the crowd already.

Outside the mountains, an old man, clad in black, smiled rather wickedly. "This will be the first time I kill a master at the same realm as me after I reached the Wonder Realm, ha-ha."

Suddenly, clouds gathered in the sky, signaling a rainstorm was approaching.

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