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   Chapter 89 A Rainstorm Was Approaching

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Time had gone by fast. Only five days later, it was already the beginning of the Five Schools Competition in the Ilmen Sect.

Early in the morning, the square of the sect was soon crowded with people—both sect disciples and elders gathered in the area.

Even Darren and Elsa arrived at the square early. But Darren was rather restless—it was doomed to be a restless day.

"Darren, although the skill you and Elsa obtained can only be used once, I have no doubt that you will shine on this stage today," Cody noted. The disciples surrounding Darren and Elsa all belonged to the School of Sword Skill, including Cody. After he heard about what happened to Darren, he looked forward to his performance in the competition.

Shaking his head, Darren said, "Cody, I won't be taking part in the competition this time."

"What? Why not?" Co

ren's present strength, he was never interested in participating in the competition. It was Michael who told him not to expose his true strength so he could avoid taking part in it. At the beginning of the competition, he received a secret notice from Michael and visited the bamboo house.

In several arenas, the disciples of all schools began fighting without noticing that danger was on its way. That day was doomed to be a bloody day still, as there were over ten cultivators who were in the seventh, eighth, or ninth stage of Mysterious Realm in the crowd already.

Outside the mountains, an old man, clad in black, smiled rather wickedly. "This will be the first time I kill a master at the same realm as me after I reached the Wonder Realm, ha-ha."

Suddenly, clouds gathered in the sky, signaling a rainstorm was approaching.

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