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   Chapter 88 Killing A Wonder Realm Cultivator (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-09-06 11:46

Well, Darren, you can leave now, so as not to let the little girl worry about you," Michael smiled faintly to drop the discussion.

Darren had a lot of doubts in his mind, but it was time to go to find Elsa and tell her about his safety. He didn't want to make her worry anymore.

"Then, I shall have to make a move. Bye, Sir," he said and knelt. Darren did not inquire about that anymore as he guessed that he would know everything when the time arrived. His curiosity might worsen Michael's plan.

"Well, I'll take you out then. Remember, Darren, that you must not expose your real strength in public before that day. Tell Elsa to hide her strength as well, so as not to be found out by our enemies. It's for your safety," Michael ordered him as a warning. Darren might have leveled up his strength, but it came with worse danger.

"Sir, you could see through my true strength before, I am afraid that the secret Wonder Realm cultivator can also figure it out." Darren just recalled that Michael knew that he had condensed the Sword Core with a glance at him before. His true strength had been discovered immediately by him.

"You don't have to worry about that. Your skill to hide your exact cultivation base is so exquisite. I have a treasure handed down by my ancestors, and only by combining it with my martial art skill could I connect your mind and know your real cultivation base. I can affirm that the Wonder Realm cultivator of the Mo Clan doesn't have such a capability like mine. Don't worry."

Darren felt relieved and sighed. Good thing was that he had the skill to hide his ability.

After that, Michael waved his hand and sent Darren away with the secret method handed down by his ances

s so terrifying that all his disciples ran away in a short time.

Then, he approached Darren with a cold stare. Thomas was criticizing his state, and he couldn't believe he came back unscratched.

"With some skills, you dare to challenge the whole world. You must have been skillful enough to do so. If you keep finding trouble for yourself, sooner or later, you'll die in someone's hands. Care about yourself then." Thomas scolded with full sarcasm.

Darren only laughed bitterly and shook his head, but did not speak anything. He decided to not fret about Thomas' sentiments.

"Darren, don't mind him. Let's leave him alone," Elsa intruded. Elsa gazed at Thomas angrily and dragged Darren away.

"You!" Thomas was so angry that his eyes were bulging. He just wanted to yell at them, but he saw that their figures had disappeared already. What Thomas could do was to punch the air aggressively.

"Alas! Those tactless kids!" A moment later, his eyes went soft. He sighed softly, "Why am I so stubborn? Why couldn't I treat him better? I wanted to praise him with a few words actually. My character is troublesome. How annoying."

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