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   Chapter 87 Killing A Wonder Realm Cultivator (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-09-06 00:05

After the two men shouted at the same time, the leader of the Ilmen Sect suddenly rushed into the mid-air. Then his thin hand waved in the air, and verbose unparalleled palm shadows rose drastically. It was too impactful for the naked eyes.

At the next moment, enormous spiritual energy like the heavenly fall poured down and covered Michael's body. The ambiance was full of tension, enough to destroy the stagnancy of the place.

A loud sounds came after. The sounds of the rumble lasted for a while, and the light of spirit shone on Michael's body. His whole breath changed dramatically, and he seemed to

diculous thought for him.

"Sir, why do you say that? That's absurd. How can I possibly kill a Wonder Realm cultivator when there is a wide gap in the cultivation base between us? Besides, you can also trust in Elder Thomas. If you need help, you should find him first," Darren said abruptly.

However, Michael shook his head. He smiled mysteriously and said, "If you let him do it, he will surely die in the face of a Wonder Realm cultivator. You are the only one who can do it. Before the Five Schools Competition, I will make full preparation, and then you will know everything why did I say these.

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