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   Chapter 86 I Can Help You

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"Darren, how do you know that? Even I can't be sure of that right now." Michael's face was frozen in genuine surprise.

Seeing the old man's face of surprise, Darren smiled in return and told Michael about the situation—he had encountered several Mysterious Realm masters on his way back to the Ilmen Sect that day.

With a sigh, Michael nodded. "The Wonder Realm master who is in the dark has Alan's surname. I'm certain that the School of Blade Skill is going to revolt against the Ilmen Sect. It's a shame that I'm too old and incompetent now. I haven't even reached the Wonder Realm. I'm afraid I won't be able to avoid the disaster."

"Sir, you just delivered an earthshaking stroke just now. Is that really not a skill of the Wonder Realm?" Even Darren had felt the power of the stroke—it was a truly powerful move.

Michael's withered body seemed rather weak as he coughed. With a ponderous shake of his head, he wryly said, "I forced myself to carry out my unfulfilled Omnipotent Talent Skill in the hopes of scaring him…it may buy some more time to find a solution. If that Wonder Realm master had meddled, the situation would've gone out of control. But I didn't expect to do so much damage to myself by using the skill."

It was clear to Darren how seriously wounded Michael was—it was because of being discovered by the hidden Wonder Realm master that Michael struggled so much.

"You've suffered a great deal…" Looking at Michael's pale face, Darren couldn't bear it.

"Your Omnipotent Talent Skill has achieved the same results as the Avatar Skill in spite of the differences in the moves. If you reach a higher level, it will have earth-shattering power," Darren recalled the appalling palms in the sky.

Hearing Darren's words, Michael's eyes brightened with approval. "You're young, that's true. But you've already earned a lot. I've only relayed the superficial part of the Avatar Rule. It is called Myriad Palm Shadows. Forget it. It's too abstruse for your level of understanding."

The force of the rule was really abstruse, anyway. Even Michael had to spend dozens of years comprehending just the slightest part of it—how could a mere juvenile understand?

But Darren was not a normal juvenile, not in the slightest.

"Avatar Rule? Sir, could you explain that to me in detail? Maybe I can help you enter the Wonder Realm."

After Darren killed the flood dragon that day, he managed to obtain the "Demonic Blood Skill" inherited by the dragon lineage.

Although he wasn't able to fully comprehend the skill, he was certain that the silvery silk threads he

ts and wit play much more important roles. I have much to learn," Darren returned humbly.

"Well, that's great." Michael concluded, "You're neither conceited nor rash. That in itself is a rare talent. No more crap, then. Let's begin."

With a firm nod, Darren agreed. He then concentrated his mind and began connecting with the Omnipotent Talent Skill, "Blood Dragon Illusion."

In a moment, the world made up of the silvery silk threads appeared in his mind once again, mingling and tangling so wildly that it made him dizzy.

Beside him, Michael watched him closely without so much as a blink. Using his skill of communication, he tried to pry into Darren's mind, digging for what he craved so deeply.

As time passed, Darren felt as though his head was splitting into two. It seemed he could barely hold out anymore.

"Ha… I've almost connected with a thread… come on…"

In spite of the struggle, Darren did all he could to maintain his comprehension.

"I'm almost there… come on!"

Gritting his teeth hard, he concentrated his mind on a single smooth, silvery, silk thread.

'Ow… it hurts…' Inwardly, Darren couldn't help crying out.

Beside him, Michael's face swiftly changed. At one moment, he would frown and speak in a low voice. At another moment, he had his eyes closed, completely lost in thought. His forehead was drenched in sweat.

'You've suffered a lot, Darren. But you must hold out. I'm almost there, ' Michael said to himself.

Before long, Darren's face turned entirely pale as he pushed himself on the verge of collapsing.

Suddenly, a roaring sound resounded in both of them.

"I made it!"

"I made it."

The two simultaneously exclaimed, finally satisfied with the result.

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