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   Chapter 85 Try Out (Part Two)

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"Sir! What just happened? You, you have reached the Wonder Realm already? That's amazing!" Thomas reacted firstly. Achieving the Wonder Realm was too tough for sect elders like them.

"Congratulations, Sir! That's so great! You've made it!" the other two said in amusement. However, Michael seemed to neglect their praises and question as he was disappointed earlier when they didn't obey him.

"That was not what I wanted you to see. I wanted you to stop, so I had no resort but to use my power. Now, if you three ignored my words once more, you would only earn you severe punishment! Remember?" Michael said seriously and angrily. Then he turned back after scolding the three.

The three knelt at once and answered simultaneously, "Yes, sir!"

"All right now! You should leave. I will take care of this kid."

"Yes, Sir!" Alan answered first and hid a smirk on his face. On the other hand, Alan had done the thing he planned and got the result. Besides, Darren was not his top one suspect for his son's death. So he had no reason to stay here anymore.

Full of killing intent, Alan shot a cold glare at Jerome. Then he jumped into the air, leaving away frustrated.

Then the elder of the School of Arrow Skill left with Jerome. Thomas and Elsa, however, were still on the spot. They were hesitant to leave Darren.

"Thomas, it's time for you and your daughter to leave now. Your daughter has a great future. She is a talented cultivator. I can see it very well," Michael gently said and looked at Elsa with a satisfied smile.

"Are you sure that you only need Darren, Sir? After all, he is my student..." Thomas respectfully opposed as he made a bow to Michael. He was only worried that Darren might do a mistake with Michael.

"I know that, Thomas. You are the one I trust most. And I hope I can win the same t

serving us in secret? There's not a thing that he didn't know.'

Clouded with confusion, Darren badly wanted to ask Michael. But before Darren spoke out his doubt, Michael paled at once.

"Ah!" Michael groaned in pain.

Darren's eyes widened as Michael spit out blood, all of a sudden.

"Sir! What's happening to you? Are you all right? Why..." Darren asked with worries and anxiety. As he reached out his hand to try to pat Michael's back to comfort the elder, Michael stopped him.

"Listen to me. To be honest, Darren, I haven't reached the Wonder Realm. I just exerted the Omnipotent Talent Skill, but I have an internal injury because of that. It was a risky move, and I am aware of that already."

Michael looked up and saw Darren's doubtful look. He coughed a little and continued weakly, "You must wonder why I am telling you this and why did I bring you here."

Before Michael spoke out the answer, Darren said first, "Sir, is this because of the cultivator of the Wonder Realm? The one that the School of Blade Skill invited here? I guess you have already known Alan's plan. He wants to betray our sect, am I right?"

As soon as Michael heard Darren's answer, he stood up in shock and disbelief.

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