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   Chapter 84 Try Out (Part One)

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"Sir!" Thomas, Devin, and Alan exclaimed in unison. Their rage gradually subsided as they recognized the presence of a powerful and honorable person.

All three froze upon seeing the sect leader, as his vital energy penetrated the surroundings. None of them had expected the sect leader would come out of his solitude. The last time they saw him was ten years ago, and they thought they could never see him again. Nonetheless, it was still an honor for them to meet him again.

"I watch three of you grow up, from disciples to sect elders. But what is going on here? No matter what happened, you didn't have to battle it out like that," the aged man talked to them with his weak voice. The sect leader of the Ilmen Sect slowly walked to them with an intimidating demeanor. The three men were feared. Finally, the dispute among the three was over because of his sentiment.

When Thomas and Devin Zhao saw the sect leader, they felt desolate and sorrow for him. Ten years ago, the sect leader was a heroic figure, but now he looked like an aged farmer. Time would bring everything away, and nobody could change that, even he was a sect leader. Was he still as powerful as before? Or did he get weaker?

"We are so sorry that our battle interrupted your cultivation, Sir! We didn't mean to do so. We just compared notes about martial arts. I'm sorry our discussion bothered you. Please forgive us, Sir," Thomas said reverently and frantically. Then he quickly walked forth and reached out his hands to hold the sect leader's arm to help him stand. Thomas respected him sincerely, and he felt regret upon letting him witness the commotion among them. Their sect leader had witnessed their immaturity over the discussion.

Little did they know, the sect leader was fully aware of everything, so he snorted and said, "You don't have to lie to me, Thomas. I knew well what was going on." Then, the sect leader waved at Thomas to refuse his help, and continued, "Alan, I understand the pain you have suffered. Of c

as happening.

The next second, hundreds of giant palms fell from the sky all of a sudden. Under the pressure of the palms, the three cultivators of the Mysterious Realm were even hard to breathe.

'Raining Palms, Roiling Clouds. That's an Omnipotent Talent Skill!' An elder in black robe watched them from a mountain afar. He was shaking in shock at what he was currently witnessing. He squinted his eyes in deep thoughts.

"He has reached the Wonder Realm! He has practiced martial arts for one hundred and eighty years, and now he even upgraded to the Wonder Realm. I guess that his cultivation is stronger than mine. We are getting in trouble. I need to ask my friend for help," the elder in black robe murmured anxiously. In an instant, he disappeared out of fear. Their plan backfired as they didn't expect that Michael had reached Wonder Realm already. It was not included in their plan.

The fight stopped at once, and all the three paled under the pressure of raining palms. They were overwhelmed by Michael's skill.

"You know how to stop now? Have you seen me as unworthy that you can't listen to my command? Are you three powerful to defeat me? Then come and do so." Michael yelled at them with anger as he appeared again. Then he rose one hand and waved his wrist. In a flash, everything went back to peace as before.

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