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   Chapter 83 The Leader Of The Ilmen Sect

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Halfway up the Arrow Mountain, the three strong cultivators released overbearing forces that made it difficult for the rest to breathe normally. The bones of the disciples with low cultivation bases who witnessed the commotion broke. The stronger ones hurriedly fled from the battlefield. They knew that once the fight began, it would be too late for them to escape.

On the other hand, two old men stood on the top of a distant mountain observing what was going on in Arrow Mountain.

"What do you think of this?" asked a thin, haggard old man with a grim expression.

"The storm is on the way," the other old man sighed. "Wayne, which School do you think was responsible for Brad's death?"

He was the leader of Ilmen Sect who hadn't shown himself in his sect in the past decade. Brad, the man he mentioned, was the Elder of the Discipline Cabinet, the Chief Elder of Ilmen Sect.

"None among the Elders of five schools was a match for Brad. Even if three Elders worked together, they would not have been able to murder Brad without being discovered. I suspect that the murderer must be at the Wonder Realm!" Wayne replied. "There is only one person who can send out a Wonder Realm cultivator in our sect. I'm sure you know who he is," he added.

Frowning, he continued, "But there is one thing I can't figure out. Why did he want Brad dead? Wouldn't it have been better to take us out instead?"

The leader of the Ilmen Sect thought as he scrunched up his eyebrows. "There is only one explanation for that: the murderer has just entered the Wonder Realm. I have been training privately in the past ten years. He was probably unsure if I have reached the Wonder Realm. His purpose was to lure me in to show up," he said.

"No wonder you haven't taken any action yet. You did this to make them fear you so that they would not take the next step easily," Wayne observed.

"But they will see through my plan sooner or later," the sect leader said with a sigh. "I guess they will make a move on the upcoming Five Schools Competition. On that day, all the members of our sect will be present. It would be a good chance for them. I'm just afraid that they might get more than one helper of Wonder Realm."

"What do you think we should do? We can't sit around and watch that bastard rebel," Wayne said.

"I have no clue. But perhaps I can appear to stop their fight to scare that mysterious Wonder Realm cultivator."

"Have you already reached the Wonder Realm? If you haven't, then I wouldn't advise you to meddle. Else, things m

also fixed her eyes on Thomas nervously. 'He has never paid much attention to me. If he doesn't stand up for Darren, I will disown him!' she thought.

Thomas walked towards Darren while keeping his eyes on him.

"You're really a useless troublemaker," Thomas grunted.

Darren got angry and hurtful at his words.

"Thomas, if you let me kill this brat, I will owe you a debt. This is a good deal for you," Alan said, laughing grimly.

"Screw you! What do you take me for? Do you think we're all shameless like you?"

Thomas unexpectedly refused his proposal.

"Despite his lack of talent, he is still my disciple. I will not watch you kill him," Thomas went on, narrowing his eyes at Alan.

He looked back at Darren with a hint of fondness in his eyes. Then, he turned to his daughter who stood beside Darren and said, "Elsa, bring Darren to his place and let him rest. If anyone dares to hurt him, kill them!"

Elsa was overjoyed with his response. She started to be curious about her father. 'What kind of person is he actually?' she wondered.

"You!" Alan was so irked that he almost spat a mouthful of blood.

His eyes glinting with ferocity, he said, "What can you do to me if I take his life?"

Then, he swung his blade and dashed towards Darren.

"Alan! Thomas! Devin! What do you think you're doing? Am I dead to you?" the sect leader said with anger in his voice as he appeared in front of them.

He was so thin and weak. He looked as if even a child could bring him down. However, he gave off an intense authoritative aura which made other people shudder with fear.

"Alan, it's time to test his real strength," a voice of delight resounded in Alan's head.

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