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   Chapter 82 Confrontation

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Standing in front of Gage with a cold look, Darren wondered why he had improved so much to defeat a cultivator at the second stage of Mysterious Realm so easily.

Being merely at the eighth stage of Spirit Realm, it was shocking for Darren to be able to defeat Gage!

While Darren contemplated, he sensed a huge pressure suddenly coming towards him.

"Who is there?" Darren's face paled. Immediately, he drew his sword and turned around. Seeing that the man looked too strong for him to bear, he instantly retreated.

Still, it was too late. The punch caught him. It contained amazing strength and it got him with a blink of an eye.


Darren was not able to avoid it at all and was thrown back. His ribs seemed to have been broken and blood gurgled from his mouth.

Then, Darren fell to the ground through the numerous huge stone blocks. Getting down on one of his knees, he continued to vomit blood.

"You actually did not die after being hit by my punch? How?" a tall figure came up to him and asked.

Darren raised his head and his eyebrows furrowed tightly.

"Elder Alan! May I know what I did to warrant such an attack from you? Why would someone from a high position such as yourself attempt to kill me? Aren't you scared that the others would laugh at you?" Darren asked trying to sound as innocent as possible. His body ached so badly. In his mind, he wondered if Alan found out about what he did to Dalton. 'I am certainly dead this time if he did, ' Darren thought.

Alan's eyes suddenly became deep and bloodshot, which made him look older. Obviously, the death of his son was a heavy blow to him.

Now, his eyes were filled with vengeance and fury. It was dreadful. He looked at Darren with animosity.

"My son was murdered and he had several sword wounds. I found out that it was you who killed him. Now, you must pay for what you did!" Alan said through gritted teeth. His words were like daggers that struck Darren to the core.

"Hah!" Darren laughed with disdain. "You seem to have lived for so many years in vain! You never use your head!"

Hearing what Darren said enraged Alan even more. Just as he was about to hit him again to kill him, Darren spoke once again.

"I really pity you for being fooled by someone like Jerome. Do you really think I can kill Dalton? Even if I could, how would I have escaped Jerome? Am I really that powerful or are you just that stupid? If you kill

vil!" Elsa said adding to Darren's story. She managed to muster a sad tone while tears ran down her cheeks.


Alan bellowed as his eyes turned red with rage. "No matter what you say, I know that the three of you were all there when my son was killed. The killer must be among you! So, all of you must die!" he declared.

"How bold you are!" A voice burst out suddenly. The elder of the School of Arrow Skill descended from the sky and stopped right in front of Jerome.

"If you want to get in the way of my revenge for my son, then I am just going to have to kill you as well!" Alan roared. He almost sounded insane. It was most likely that Jerome was the killer so he decided that he would kill him no matter what.

"Hmpf! Do you think I'm afraid of you, Alan? If you want to kill Jerome, then I hereby challenge you to a duel!"

"If you insist, I would gladly kill you and your whole School of Arrow Skill! But before that, everyone suspected to have killed my son must die!!" he said. Then, he turned to Darren and Elsa and proceeded to attack.

Hearing his words, Darren prepared himself for a tough fight. Inside his body, the Sword Core and Demon Core started to rotate.

Then, a tremendous sword intent suddenly appeared. It was from Thomas.

"Do you think you're still as strong as you think you are, Alan? If you dare, then you can try to kill me as well!" Thomas stared at Alan harshly.

"Okay, good. Now, that's all of you! Looks like I'll have to fight all of you to death,"

Alan remarked. When he finished talking, he produced a powerful aura. A fierce fight was about to start.

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