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   Chapter 81 Hiding Like A Coward

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The disciples on Arrow Mountain heard Elsa's scolding voice. They clearly thought ill of it.

One after another, disciples began to assemble on Arrow Mountain.

"Which blind bastard dares to be so rude to Jerome?"

"This fucking asshole is tired of living. Go and tell Jerome!"

On the training ground of Arrow Mountain, Jerome was practicing his skill when the voice reached him. He shot an arrow at a training rock angrily and shattered it into pieces. Jerome grunted with irritation and went down.

He was stopped by someone on his way there.

"Don't be hasty, Jerome. Didn't you recognize the intense force of sword intent in the howl? That must be an incredibly strong master."

"Sword intent? The disciple from Sword Mountain? Let me go, Gage. I will murder these Sword Mountain people, one by one! The bastards!" Jerome said madly. To hell with the sword intent thing!

"Jerome, didn't you hear me? The person has sword intent, and it's more intense than Thomas'!"

"What?" Jerome was filled with even more rage. He realized that he had been dizzy with madness upon hearing the howl. "Gage, who can be stronger than Thomas on Sword Mountain?"

"Elsa!" Gage said, his face taut with anxiety.

Jerome froze with astonishment. He found it hard to believe what he had heard.


Elsa waited for a long while, but nobody turned up. She made a suggestion to the disciples of Sword Mountain as she walked towards them. "Rick, Jerome is hiding from us like a coward. Let's continue cursing him until he comes out!"

The disciples were surprised at Elsa's boldness, but they dared not back out.

Though Elsa had shown her strength, could she really rival a Mysterious Realm master like Jerome?

"Elsa, I am proud of you now that you have grown so powerful. But as for Jerome..."

"Rick, are you guys also cowards? Do as I say. Darren will back us up if I cannot win over Jerome!" Elsa spoke with confidence.

The other disciples' eyes widened at Elsa's words. Darren? Was she saying that Darren was stronger than herself? How could that be possible?

Rick inched close to Darren and asked politely, "Are you sure you can defeat Jerome?"

"You must be kidding, Rick! I am a loser! How can I challenge a genius? Elsa is just pulling your leg," Darren said nonchalantly.

Rick felt very awkward and anxious. Was Darren being sarcastic or telling the truth? What would happen to them if Darren was stronger than Elsa?

He forced a smile. "Darren, we are brothers of the same school. Please accept my apologies. I would appreciate your generosity if... if you can forget about my offense in the past."

"Do as Elsa says," Darren said simply, looking stra

ill you. But you're being reckless!"

"No nonsense!"

Darren did not care to listen to Gage Gu. He mobilized his Sword Core in the cinnabar field to an extreme speed. Soon Arrow Mountain had become shrouded in tremendous sword intent. He launched an attack in a flash, shouting angrily.

Boundless sword shadows surged over the air. Darren dashed at full speed amidst the endless shadows and had reached Gage in a few seconds.

Gage was filled with trepidation. "What a rapid and powerful sword intent!"

As a master of the second level of the Mysterious Realm, Gaze soon composed himself and drew his bow to shoot another arrow.

"Bang! Bang!"

Hundreds of arrows of vital energy exploded in the sword shadows. But it was merely followed by silence, as if nothing happened.

Gage stood there with his face pale and mind blank.

"I can kill you with no difficulty." Darren landed on the ground and looked at Gage with contempt.

Jerome, just having returned from the School of Blade Skill, could not help but tremble at the sight of the scene. His mouth flopped open and his limbs quivered, like a sack of useless flesh.

"He defeated Gage. What is happening!?" He anxiously asked himself, "what should I do? What should I d--"

"Jerome! Do you mean that Darren killed my son? I will smash you into pieces if you dare lie to me!"

a strong, ruthless force surrounded Jerome all of a sudden. Someone had approached him from the back.

"Elder Alan, it's true. I saw with my own eyes when Darren killed Dalton. He and Elsa summoned thousands of demonic monsters from God knows where when I chased after them. So they managed to escape."

"I will kill Darren before I interrogate you!"

Alan growled, striding past Jerome and wordlessly throwing his fists at Darren.

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