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   Chapter 80 I Am Coming For Your Life (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-09-02 16:20

''Humph!'' Elsa sneered in frustration at Darren. Her pretty face turned a cute shade of red in her annoyance, making her look even more gorgeous than ever.

''Paul, that's him! That's the guy who wounded many of us!''

Upon hearing this, several angry men rushed towards Darren to attack him.

''Damn, a school of crap!'' The leader of the men scolded them as he saw Darren and Elsa.

''Paul, that's Darren! He is the dirty bad guy who hurt many of our friends while you weren't here. I'm so glad you came back!'' someone said, pointing at Darren.

''I don't ca

do something bigger?''

''Good idea!'' Elsa understood what Darren meant immediately, as if they had a silent conversation with their minds.

She turned around, fierce sword intent rushing forth from her body. Then, she uttered, ''Jerome, I'm coming for your life!''

Her sweet and clear voice resounded in the air, shocking everyone present. How could someone who seemed so sweet even say something like that?

'Did Elsa just challenge Jerome? Does she really know what she is doing? This is all too crazy!' thought the disciples who had heard what Elsa said.

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