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   Chapter 79 I Am Coming For Your Life (Part One)

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Everyone from the School of Sword Skill were all stunned for a while. No one had any idea who did it.

''Rick, Elsa is no longer the person she used to be. Her aura was so immensely intimidating that I almost could not stand being surrounded by it just now!'' said the strong man who had been slapped by Elsa a while ago.

''Really? That almost seems impossible. Did Elsa come across anything unusual in her adventures? Is that why she returned with such talent and strength?'' Rick said, his eyes widening in shock. If what the man was saying were true, then it would be totally unbelievable!

''Exactly. I was pretty rude earlier, thank god Elsa didn't argue with me, otherwise I wouldn't be standing here. I'd be dead for sure. Now that I think of it, it must have been Elsa who dealt with the several disciples from the School of Arrow Skill.'' Even several moments had passed after his encounter with Elsa, the strong man still felt a lingering fear that he could not shake off.

At first, Rick had thought Darren was responsible for it, but the strong man's analysis made more sense to him. At once, the fragments he knew about the events that had transpired started piecing together.

''Elder Thomas would surely be happy about it. He might even take revenge for us! Come on, follow me. There is no way we should let Elsa encounter Jerome. That would surely cause a lot of trouble.''

As they moved forward, all of them were ecstatic and in high spirits.

No matter where they went, there was still no sign of Elsa. The only thing they saw was several wounded disciples of the School of Arrow Skill lying on the road.

From the several bodies lying on the ground, one caught their attention - a well-known cultiv

anyone to argue about it at all.''

She could not bear to be there any longer, so she hurriedly turned around before anyone could see the tears falling on her beautiful face.

''Okay okay. I will stop. Fiona, you should have said yes when I introduced Randy to you in the beginning. He is such a genius! And Darren? He is just a loser. Some good for nothing piece of crap! I don't understand why you like him. He hasn't even reached level three of the Spirit Realm! You deserve to be with someone way better than him, so don't be sad anymore!

Besides the Five Schools Competition will be held in only a few days. Then, you will be able to witness how Randy beats all the crap out of the disciples from the School of Sword Skill!

There is not a single girl who wouldn't envy you for choosing Randy over that guy!''

Darren shook his head resignedly as the voices faded in the distance.

''Darren! That beautiful girl cried for you! So tell me, what exactly happened between you two?'' Elsa teased, trying her best to hide the bitterness she was feeling inside.

''She's just a good friend. Nothing more, I swear.'' Darren smiled slightly.

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