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   Chapter 78 Take Revenge

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Darren and Elsa took the two unconscious disciples of School of Sword Skill back to the Sword Mountain immediately.

"Who's there?" A shaking voice reached their ears the second Darren and Elsa stepped into the lobby. They turned to the direction of the voice.

Most disciples of the School of Sword Skill were inside. When the disciple who had spoken saw their faces, his stance relaxed and his mind felt at ease.

"You're finally back, Elsa!" the one who outranked the rest gushed, crossing the lobby in long strides to get closer to them but not before giving his orders to the other disciples. "Get a message to Elder Thomas and Cody and tell them that Elsa has come back."

Without wasting another second, several disciples ran out to fill Thomas and Cody in on Elsa's return with some secret skill.

"Rick, those guys from the School of Arrow Skill bullied our companions. Why don't you inform my father and Cody and ask them to do something about it?" Elsa asked with furrowed eyebrows, confused.

Rick let out a wry laugh and replied, "Elsa, you know we have been through this because of you. After finding out that Elder Thomas was not around, those disciples from the School of Arrow Skill took that chance and often waited at the foot to attack us. We have experienced all sorts of difficulties. We have been beaten up, while some of us have been taken to Arrow Mountain and tortured.

I informed Elder Thomas of this several times, but even though he was angry about it, he didn't come back because he wanted to get you back at all costs."

The rest of the disciples listening to their conversation sighed, looking frustrated.

"Now that you're back, everything will be fine. Once Elder Thomas comes back, he will give justice to what happened to us. He will avenge us," Rick said, his eyes filled with desire to get back at his enemies.

With all seriousness, Darren stood up and said, "I think this matter is more complicated than you have imagined. The people of the School of Arrow Skill dare to ignore the rules and bully us in public. That's not a school's typical behavior. There must be some reason behind this."

"Shut up!" Rick shouted at Darren as his hands balled into fists.

Everyone present in the room didn't notice Darren until he spoke. They cast unkind glances at him.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Rick thundered, narrowing his eyes at Darren. "How dare you interrupt us?"

The people of the School of Sword Skill already heard rumors about Darren and Elsa. It was said that Darren hooked up with Elsa in the woods and the two eloped.

They didn't believe these rumors because they didn't think Elsa would actually be attracted to a loser like Darren.

"Watch your tone, Rick. You should show Darren some respect,"

Elsa demanded coldly before Darren could say a word.

"Elsa, how could you...? I can't believe you just said that," Rick uttered acidly, his eyes filled with cold anger. He was mad about Elsa defending Darren, but he couldn't afford to say anything else to displease her. After all, her father was Elder Thomas. He didn't want to get on his wrong side. As he sent Darren an icy glare, he thought, 'I don't g

heir opponents thought this was almost too easy.

"Go get them!" the one in charge of the group screeched. "And I don't mind if you take advantage of that hot girl. You can treat her as a--"


Before he could finish his sentence, a fist landed on his face so fast that it took him a few seconds to realize what happened. He was thrown in the air as the punch he received started sinking in.


The rest of the group got thrown in the air as well like little pieces of garbage. Elsa could hear their bones breaking along with a series of painful groans.

"Darren, why didn't you leave one for me? I wanted to deal with them," Elsa said, smiling.

"I can't let a lady resort to using force and I don't want your clothes to get dirty. So I took care of them for you," Darren replied with a smile of his own.

He then grabbed Elsa's hand and held it tightly. "Let's get going. There's nothing interesting here anymore."

Elsa didn't see this happening. As she felt the warmth from his hand, her heart raced and it felt like her rib cage might break. Despite that, she pretended to look calm.

She snorted to hide the smile in the corners of her mouth. With the most grace and eloquence she could muster, she followed Darren.

Shortly after they left the scene, Rick came to the foot of the mountain together with the rest of his followers. They moved cautiously, fearing the attack of their enemies.

"Stop!" Rick exclaimed urgently, raising his hand. The rest of the disciples paused in their tracks, eyes wide with shock.

They found the disciples of the School of Arrow Skill lying on the ground, moaning in pain.

"I know him!" Rick said, recognizing the man closest to him. "His name is Stefan Liu of the School of Arrow Skill. He is at the fifth stage of the Spirit Realm! What happened here? Who did this to him?" Rick asked as his eyes took in Stefan's battered figure with a frown.

He had a wild guess, but he had a hard time believing it. After all, if his guess was correct, that would mean Darren was so much stronger than him and everyone else in the group combined.

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