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   Chapter 77 Indignation

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Before long, Darren and Elsa arrived at the foot of Ilmen Sect.

They talked about Mathew the whole journey. "Was the body of Mr. Xiao repressed on an uninhabited island in Raksa Sea?" Darren asked.

Elsa gloomily nodded, "While he was badly injured, three servants sneaked up on him from behind and grabbed his treasure. Then they discarded his body in a dangerous part of an uninhabited island.

The most unforgivable thing about it was that Mr. Xiao had previously saved their lives, but they went ahead and bit the hands that fed them, all for their own selfish interest!"

Elsa angrily recounted.

"Who are the three traitors?" Darren demanded, feeling indignant over what happened to Mathew.

"I remember he mentioned that their leader was called Jesse Li. The three of them were all at the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm. With the treasure they stole, they would be able to reach the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm, which would give them the power to live for over ten thousand years. If my speculation is right, they're probably still alive," Elsa explained.

The Wonder Realm had unique divisions different from those of the Mysterious Realm. It was made up of five stages: the primary stage, the middle stage, the advanced stage, the premium stage and the supreme stage.

Darren furrowed his brows. "But why was his avatar left at the Black Cliff of Sword Intent to guard his master's heritage?" he asked, puzzled.

"According to Mr. Xiao, he didn't die right away after being abandoned and his master found him afterwards. However, his master's avatar wasn't able to enter the Devil Den, so he took three strands of Mr. Xiao's soul to keep him alive. In fact, the avatar at the Black Cliff of Sword Intent was formed by one of the three strands. Thus, if we retrieve Mr. Xiao's body, his master would be powerful enough to bring him back to life," Elsa explained.

"I see." Darren paused to think. "But how could we enter the Devil Den if even Mr. Xiao's master wasn't able to enter?" he pondered out loud.

"Well, Mr. Xiao did say that his master wasn't from our continent and his avatar apparently ran into some restrictions here. So I guess that's why he couldn't enter the Devil Den. I don't think we'd encounter any problems like that. As long as we come close to the Wonder Realm, we can get Mr. Xiao's body back," Elsa explained.

"If that's so, then it can be done. When my power reaches there, I will help him," Darren declared. "Well, Elsa, let's go back to Sword Mountain first. Elder Thomas hasn't seen you for quite a long time. He must be worried about you," he added.

"Hmph! He will never care about me." Elsa wa

ive for the time being."

Sullen-faced, he walked towards Elsa and said, "We could question him so we could figure out who is responsible for this."

Elsa calmed down then.

"Tell me who instigated you to do this!" Darren bellowed. Blood dripped out from the ears of the paralyzed disciple.

"Ah!" he cried out in pain. The disciple rolled on the ground and obscurely disclosed, "It was Jerome. While Elder Thomas and Cody went out to search for Elsa, he ordered us to provoke the disciples of the School of Sword Skill and beat them up. I was just following orders, please spare me!"

"So it was Jerome, as I expected," Darren sighed exasperatedly. "He must have been backed by someone powerful, or else he wouldn't have had the audacity to send out orders to beat disciples of the School of Sword Skill so publicly." He turned to Elsa with a frown.

"Jerome again. I must kill him. I will definitely kill him," Elsa resentfully growled, and the hatred inside her had mounted exceedingly high.

Darren gently placed his hand on Elsa's shoulder as he tried to calm her back down. "We should probably head back to Sword Mountain to check on the situation. This is a pretty unusual circumstance, so we'd better get to the bottom of this first and foremost." He then gave her a sad but reassuring smile.

Hearing that they were about to leave, the disciple knelt on the ground and kowtowed towards them and murmured, "You assholes… Jerome will kill you..."

There was a whistling sound and then a flashing light.

The disciple's head fell to the ground as his body followed.

"Even in your sorry state you still said wicked words. You deserve something worse than death."

Darren buckled on his sword and quickly headed for Sword Mountain together with Elsa.

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