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   Chapter 76 Return

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"Darren, why are you standing still? Be quick and pick the spiritual herbs," Elsa urged Darren as she noticed him lost in thought.

"Oh, okay," Darren said dazedly, snapping out of it.

Time flew by. After two hours, his Space Ring was filled with superior spiritual herbs.

"I think that's enough for now, Elsa. My Space Ring is full."

"Oh, what a pity! I wish I could move the Starry Tower away," Elsa said regretfully.

"I have more than one hundred thousand superior spiritual herbs in my Space Ring. They're enough to serve us for several years, Elsa! Don't be so greedy. Ha-ha." Darren burst into laughter, his eyes twinkling.

"You are right." Elsa nodded and turned around to ask him, "Darren, did you look at me just now?"

Darren was surprised by Elsa's intuitiveness. But for some reason, he didn't feel embarrassed or guilty. Instead, he replied quickly, "I wasn't expecting that you could feel it."

"Gee, you…" Darren's reply shocked Elsa. She said with a smile, "I… I thought you would deny it."

"Why would I do that? You're beautiful. I like looking at you. My appreciation for you is not something to be ashamed of." Darren appeared very composed. After telling her how he was feeling, he turned back and walked towards the staircase leading to the far sky that was filled with stars. It was the entrance to the second floor.

Elsa's heart was beating fast. Vague happiness bloomed in her heart, like a bud that had been waiting to appear.

When she came back to reality, she saw Darren going up the staircase and so trotted along behind him.

The second floor of the Starry Tower was like a storage room of martial skills. Hundreds of bookshelves stood in the room on which there were books about martial arts skills.

Randomly, Darren picked a scroll up.

"Perception Blade Skill. I wasn't expecting it is an extraordinary blade skill!"

Darren read several of its lines and soon ascertained that it was unsuitable for him, so he kept searching.

After several minutes, he found it was strange that all the scrolls he browsed through were for blade skills. Before he could tell Elsa his discovery, she beat him to it. "Darren, there are at least ten thousand top martial skills, but all of them are blade skills."

"Yes. It's the same case over here!" Darren nodded.

He wondered why all the martial skills on this floor were blade skills.

"Darren, I think that extremely powerful elder left these intentionally. They must be for you! You have condensed sword core and your sword intent has achieved. What you need now is blade intent. Haven't you realized that?" Elsa said, coming up with a viable reason.

"Elsa, that's smart! I'm guessing you're probably right," Darren said. He admired her sharp mind.

"Of course I am. I'm smarter than you. Humph." The expression on her face was ra

arren and said, "If you want to merge blade intent and sword intent, you must go to the Raksa Sea. The way to that place and the things you need are all written in this scroll. You can read it after you leave. I won't delay you any longer. Go."

"Mr. Xiao, I am sad to bid you goodbye. If we have the ability to do it, Darren and I will definitely accomplish it. After that, we will come back to see you." Although Elsa had known the avatar of this elder for only a short time, she felt incredibly morose about parting ways with him.

"You must go now. Children, work hard. Remember. And I have to warn you, on the way to become more powerful, you will meet lots of strong cultivators. Always keep this in mind--don't simply reveal your cultivation base and don't bully others. Carelessness may lead to irreversible damage. Do you promise to remember this?"

"I will remember your kind words." Mathew's words made sense to Darren. He would not attack unless he was attacked; if he was attacked, he would certainly fight back. That was his principle.

Mathew's avatar nodded and waved his hand to motivate the array and teleport them out of the Black Cliff of Sword Intent. In his eyes gleamed pools of sadness.

When the two young cultivators opened their eyes, they found they returned to the place where Jerome chased them.

Here, they saw the deep pit made by Jerome's fierce arrow.

"It's time to get revenge on Jerome," Darren said firmly.

"I won't let that bastard go easily. Darren, let me handle him, alright?" Elsa offered. She was confident with her cultivation base.

"Let's talk about it when we see him. Oh Elsa, what did Mr. Xiao ask us to do?" Darren said.

"It's a long story. Let's talk about it while we go hunt him down."

They headed towards the Ilmen Sect. They travelled at speeds as fast as thoroughbred horses, but to them it merely felt like a stroll.

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