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   Chapter 75 The First Floor Of The Starry Tower

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Darren was struck dumb with astonishment. He followed the powerful voice and looked up.

He was greeted with a pair of formidable eyes full of power. In one of the two eyes, there was a black sword, and in another, there was a white sword. They sparkled with a fearsome and cold aura. Darren gazed in awe at the giant human-shaped shadow.

"I... I'm afraid I'm not qualified, sir," Darren stammered.

The sword intent shooting from the pair of eyes was strong enough to tear Darren apart into pieces. Darren knew the moment he accepted the challenge, it could kill him.

"Fight with me! Now!"

the shadow, however, ignored Darren's answer and merely repeated his request. In a flash, another shadow appeared. It was like a copy of the giant one. Then the two increased to four, and then to eight... In a matter of minutes, Darren found himself in a sea of a thousand shadows.

"What? He also has that skill of making clones of himself?"

Darren said in shock. He had been learning such a skill but it was not yet something he was able to master.

On the other hand, Darren noticed something very important. The giant shadow's vital energy seemed weakened after he exerted the skill. Suddenly, the giant one did not seem so powerful anymore.

'The skill he masters is different from the one I haven't succeeded in learning from the dragon race. His vital energy decreases as his clones increase, ' Darren concluded.

At that very moment, the giant shadow's clones faded and disappeared one by one until only one was left.

Darren knew what this meant. The cultivation base of the giant shadow was impossible to be surpassed by anyone in the world. Even his clones were a million times stronger than Darren. That was why the giant shadow did it. He created a clone whose cultivation base was more comparable to Darren's. The one in front of him was what fulfilled the requirement.

Darren activated his vital energy, ready to fight against it. When he was about to launch his attack, an unexpected change happened to him.

The clone attacked first. Before Darren could even react, a fierce force from the clone's blade intent flew into Darren's head.

When it reached his meridians, the blade intent started to merge with his sword intent with the aid of some unknown power. It was like magic. When that ended, a dark golden aura of internal force appeared.

'How, how did that happen?' Darren thought, surprised to feel the aura in his body. He could tell that the power of the aura was extremely aggressive. "Is that the fusion of my sword intent and the clone's blade intent? Unbelievable!"

The strength of the internal force, however, began to surge in Darren's body.

At the same time, the clone took action. Two rays of his sword intent, a black one and a white one, projected from his eyes and started gathering in the air. The two rays formed a colossal sword and targeted Darren.

them started to whirl and fade away.

With a blink of an eye, Darren and Elsa found themselves in front of a tower seven stories high.

Walking into the first floor, both Elsa and Darren were filled with awe. Instead of a regular room, inside was a vast expanse of land.

Darren could not help but marvel in it, 'Mr. Xiao's master is so powerful!'

"Oh my goodness. No wonder it is called the Starry Tower! Look up, Darren! All the stars are twinkling in the sky! What a beautiful view! It's so amazing!" Elsa exclaimed. Under the starry sky, she opened her arms and danced freely.

"Wow! These flowers smell so great!" Elsa wandered about like a little child.

"Flowers?" Darren picked one up and felt it in his hand. "It's a superior spiritual herb!"

"What?" Elsa's jaw dropped when she heard him. She picked a flower up and felt it as well. She froze when she realized that he was right.

"Oh my god! You are right! It's a superior spiritual herb! There are so many superior spiritual herbs here! What do we do now?" The boundless land of spiritual herbs filled her with awe and disbelief.

Suddenly, they became more absorbed in picking up superior spiritual herbs than in appreciating the landscape.

"We are going to make a fortune!" Elsa cried out with excitement.

Since Elsa's talent recovered to her former level, her cultivation base had been improved and her poker face had been removed. She was a cheerful and active girl now, just as good as new.

Elsa was overwhelmed with joy now. With a bunch of spiritual herbs in her arms, she began dancing again under the starry sky.

Looking at her made Darren smile as well. Watching her was like watching a beautiful dream unfold. It seemed too good to be true. A part of him feared that the vision in front of him would disappear any second. So, he put all his attention on Elsa. He was determined to enjoy what was in front of him for as long as it would last.

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