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   Chapter 74 Pass The Fourth Test

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'What the hell? I just took care of one, and now another showed up. What if I use some secret skill to kill this one? Will another copy with the secret skill turn up? Will the runes keep making copies of me along with the techniques I use to kill the previous one?' Darren cursed, studying the replica of himself.

'If my assumption is right, I'm as good as dead.

I finally understand why so many geniuses lost their lives here. This is almost like a suicide task. There's no way anyone can keep fighting themselves no matter how strong they are. The runes will just make another stronger version of you.

In the past thousands of years, approximately 100, 000 talented cultivators had come here, but no one had gotten the so-called inheritance yet. Only a few had managed to get out of here alive. Elsa was lucky to survive.'

Darren started to regret his choices. After he passed the third test, he had the chance to back out, but since he easily passed the previous trials, he thought that he might be able to get through all the tests. Now, facing another copy of him wielding a sword and a blade, he realized how wrong he was. Nevertheless, he had no choice but to push through as there was no turning back at this point. He made up his mind to pull out all the stops to defeat his enemy.

Shaking off all the negative thoughts, he got up and fixed his eyes on his opponent—the second copy.


Meanwhile, Elsa looked at the lake from time to time, hoping to see a glance of Darren. Sadly, there was no sign of the man she was looking for, making her extremely worried.

"Sir, please check on Darren and see how he is doing," she pleaded, her eyes filled with concern.

"I told you more than once that I somehow couldn't check on Darren. Perhaps this is master's doing. I can't do anything about it," Mathew responded solemnly, shaking his head.

'Master has never sent his avatar until now. Does Darren have some special martial skills I don't know about?' he wondered.

"Please tell me what your master has told you. I'm really worried about my friend," Elsa continued worriedly, her voice breaking.

"Fine, I will let you know," Mathew said with an exasperated sigh. Even though he was usually easygoing and patient, he grew impatient for Elsa kept bothering him. "Master ordered me to not let Darren into the Starry Tower before he enters the Wonder Realm even if he passes the fifth trial."

"Why not?" Elsa almost shouted out. She didn't understand why Mathew's master was trying to prevent Darren from entering the Starry Tower.

"Why are you getting so worked up about it? And how do I know what master is thinking? It's not like I can read minds. All I know is that master plans to send his avatar to meet Darren after he gets through the fifth test. If Darren makes it out of there alive, I'll go ahead and ask master why he made such a decision," Mathew said.

"I see. I hope God will bless Darren," Elsa murmured as she calmed down. She could do nothing but pray and hope Darren would come back safe and sound.

The two fell into silence. After a while, Mathew glanced

sible force field protecting it. The power Darren had unleashed bounced back to him. He spat out blood as he clutched his body tightly. He felt great pain inside him, almost as if his internal organs ruptured.

Though he paid a hefty price, Darren had discovered something.

'I used all my strength to hit the bell, but it didn't make a sound at all. That is so strange, ' he mused, furrowing his eyebrows.

He had a bold guess.

'I see. I think I know how it works, ' Darren thought, his eyes lighting up in joy. 'Perhaps the test is not just about defeating yourself, but also making this bell ring. If I succeed, I'll be able to pass it.'

Convinced with his theory, he smiled bitterly. 'Ring the bell, and the participant can get through the test. It sounds easy, but in reality, it's a lot harder than it looks. I mean, who would pay attention to the bell once replica turns up? It's easy to overlook. After all, the participant's first response is to defeat the replica.

But once he does, another one will show up. I guess majority of the participants were able to kill the first replica, but not the second one. They must have died trying.

Only those powerful cultivators who were wise enough to conceal their best skills could defeat their second replicas.

But when they were able to take out their second replicas, they would be murdered by the third one. It is a never-ending cycle.

This test is too difficult. If I had been reckless, I would have destroyed my second replica and died by the hands of the third.' Darren shivered at how differently things could have gone.

A few moments later, he went back to the old bell. He concentrated demonic internal force, blade internal force, and sword intent on his palm and hit the bell with it.


A crisp, loud sound reverberated throughout the place.

As the bell rang, an amazingly strong sword light flashed in the sky, tearing it open. The avatar of Mathew's master came down.

"The next test is to fight me."

His voice was icy and emotionless, sending chills to Darren's bones.

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