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   Chapter 73 You're The Best

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Staring at the person in mid-air, Mathew looked quite excited. He hadn't met his master's avatar in the past several thousand years, but now here he was.

"Master," Mathew greeted venerably, bowing to him.

Standing beside Mathew, Elsa felt like the whole space was surrounded by swords and she might be cut into a million pieces if she moved an inch.

She raised her head slowly to see what Mathew's master looked like. He seemed to be in his late twenties, too young to be a master yet she didn't contest it. He wore purple clothes that gently swayed with the wind. When she met his eyes, she was thunderstruck.

A pair of icy, indifferent eyes came into her view. She saw an inky sword in his left eye and a white sword which exuded a sacred aura in his right eye.

Looking him in the eye for a second, Elsa felt like she was falling into the abyss where its bottom was covered by countless sharp, deadly swords. All of a sudden, infinite terror overpowered her. Her knees trembled and it took her a tremendous amount of effort just to remain standing before him.

'This feeling... it's so horrible, ' she thought, shivering with fear.

The man looked at the lake and then turned around, murmuring something in a voice that was too low for them to catch.

A few moments later, he fixed his eyes on Mathew's avatar and spoke to him. Elsa listened to him but couldn't understand what he was saying no matter how hard she tried.

About an hour later, Mathew bowed to the man and said, "I got it. Please rest assured."

The man broke into tiny pieces, like shattered glass, and then vanished into thin air.

Elsa breathed out a deep sigh of relief. She placed a hand on her chest, checking if her heartbeat had gone back to normal.

She had almost suffocated under the invisible pressure that man brought her.

"What happened, sir?" Elsa was worried about Darren. It was evident in her voice.

Mathew didn't respond immediately for he was thinking about what his master had told him.

"I have no clue. We'll know after Darren gets out. He is receiving the fourth test," he replied, his eyes reflecting complicated emotions that Elsa couldn't figure out.

"Really? How did it happen?"

"Master told me Darren passed two trials quickly. No wonder I couldn't detect him receiving the second test. Besides, master asked me to do something, but I don't know why..."


In the meantime, Darren was in the process of the fourth trial. The sky was covered in dark clouds, and an old bell with runes was in front of him.

'The second trial tested one's physical strength. I made it by releasing demonic internal force to demonize myself.

The third trial tested one's ability to comprehend things. I spent several minutes mastering Aura-concealing Skill and Shadow Lightness—two superior secret martial skills.

But the fourth trial... what is it for?' Darren wondered, studying the old bell with furrowed eyebrows.

He had no idea how to pass this test and it somewhat worried him.

'I got a reward after passing the second test. I'm going to check the prize first, see if there are any clues that might help in

th sword skills. The best I can do is kill him at the cost of my own life. But he is just a fake. Taking him out by sacrificing my life? Not the best idea!'

At the thought of this, he took out his blade. His eyes never left his opponent, and although it still felt so strange to face someone who looked exactly like him, Darren tried to focus on overcoming the challenge.

"I will show you the power of my sword and blade!" Darren yelled loudly.

He ran at his enemy while using his sword and blade at the same time. All of a sudden, a formidable power swept through the field, blasting off strong winds in all directions.

"Go to hell!" he bellowed.

A regular opponent would have cowered in fear and cried in pain, but the fake Darren had no expression on his face at all. He rushed towards Darren with his sword intent as strong as the previous ones he released.

Deafening sounds filled the whole space.

Two people looking exactly the same exchanged attacks with each other in the storm of swirling dust, fighting to the death. Wounds caused by their swords appeared on their bodies.

However, it was evident that the fake was at a disadvantage. He kept being hit by Darren's blade despite his defenses.

"Game over!" Darren hollered.

He kept waving his sword and blade at his opponent. He then took the chance and cut through the fake's neck, decapitating him entirely.


Just like that, the replica's body exploded and disappeared. Darren crashed on the ground with cuts and bruises all over his body. He didn't want to admit it, but he sustained serious injuries this time.

"Good job, Darren. You're the best, ' he encouraged himself. He had never imagined that he had to fight with himself one day.

Thinking the fight was finally over, he allowed himself to relax and even feel a little bit of relief. Unfortunately, he was given the shock of his life when the mysterious runes started lighting up again.

Another teenager who had Darren's face appeared, giving off a cold vibe.

This time, the lad held a sword in one hand and a blade in the other.

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