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   Chapter 72 The Life Of Hanson

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Hanson was an invincible warrior of his generation. There were countless legends about him in the book.

On the day when Darren was framed, an Ilmen Sect elder used Hanson as an example to illustrate the harms and benefits of simultaneously practicing swordsmanship and blade cultivation. Darren understood the elder's message. However, he didn't expect to meet the avatar left by the legendary master's brother in the Black Cliff of Sword Intent.

"Not bad. Darren, the little girl said that you have already refined both seeds of sword and blade intents. You should have broken all the meridians in your body as a result. It is surprising that you have not only preserved your meridians but also improved your cultivation base. Presumably, you have found a way to mediate the forces that destroy the meridians when practicing both swordsmanship and blade cultivation, right?" Mathew asked Darren.

"Yes, sir," Darren replied, honestly.

"Well, I don't know how you broke free from this constraint, but there's one thing that you need to understand." Having said that, Mathew's avatar paused and seemed to be remembering something. Then he said, "Life-threatening challenge appears when you break through a big Realm!"

Darren looked solemn upon hearing Mathew's words and seemed to feel something ominous in his heart. Curious, he asked, "What do you mean, sir?"

Mathew's avatar stepped toward Darren and explained, "My brother ignored my advice and practiced both swordsmanship and blade cultivation at the same time. Soon he suffered a significant injury and almost died. As he was talented, he found a way to circumvent the constraint. However, one drawback of the method was that he could not absorb the universe's spiritual energy."

When Darren heard this, his heart sank. He faced the same problem!

"When a warrior breaks through and enters a big Realm, a large amount of spiritual energy enters the body. This energy will break the meridians of warriors who practice both swordsmanship and blade cultivation, and they will die in an instant. I do not know what causes this."

Darren could not help but worry after Mathew told him the horrifying consequence.

He remembered that when he entered the Spirit Realm, a tremendous amount of spiritual energy coursed through his body. Although it provided him with enough sword and blade internal forces to kill William, his meridians had

tion base has reached the seventh stage of the Spirit Realm. Very good. Coupled with the fact that you have now condensed the sword core, it is possible for you to reach the Wonder Realm in ten years."

"I have Darren to thank for all this. He gave me such a precious pill. I really don't know how to repay him."

Elsa's cultivation base had improved tremendously, and she was very grateful to Darren. At the same time, she was thinking that if she and Darren succeeded in getting out, they would be ready for the Five Schools Competition. What would her father think when it was time for her to fight?

In Elsa's heart, she had dreamed of the day when Thomas would watch her rise to new heights of martial arts. That moment was about to be realized.

Just as the two were chatting, another loud noise came from the lake.

Mathew's avatar immediately became nervous. "No, why can't I detect Darren?"

As a guardian of the cliff, Mathew had been bestowed the ability to observe whoever took the first five tests at will by his master, but he could not detect Darren's movements any longer.

"Darren is not in the second test. What is going on?"

When Elsa heard this, she became anxious. "What happened, sir? How could Darren not be in the second test?"

Mathew shook his head as he had no explanation. This had not happened in thousands of years.

Just as Elsa was getting frantic, a young figure suddenly fell from above. Hovering midair, he gave off a sense of suffocating pressure.

"Master..." Mathew stared at the extraordinary figure. He was so excited that he could not speak.

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