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   Chapter 71 Sword Core

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Darren casually nodded his head. Even though the battle had left him injured, he had regained his cultivation base, so he was able to use the spiritual energy to heal the wounds and prepared himself for the next test.

Elsa, who was standing beside him, had mixed feelings. Confusion and joy rushed through her when she fixed her eyes on Darren. But she swallowed her emotions and walked up to him.

"Darren, that Talent-upgrading Elixir is extremely precious. And it will be extremely good for you. You should take it," Elsa softly said. She stretched out her hands and gave it to him. Her words were filled with tenderness and sincerity.

Hearing her, Mathew couldn't help but laugh. "You two are such a good match. It is nice to see you guys loving and caring for each other. If I were not an avatar, I would take it without hesitation.

I have seen numerous couples who have constantly fought with each other over these trifles. But you two have always been polite and considerate towards each other. I believe that you and Darren are a perfect match for each other," Mathew added.

"Sir……" After hearing his words, Elsa felt her cheeks flush red, and stammered, "That's not how it is. He's like a brother to me. That's all."

While she was saying this, she couldn't help staring at Darren. She was anxious to know how he would react.

"Yes, Sir. We are not a couple. Elsa is just like my sister. Please stop making fun of us," Darren explained.

Mathew glanced at them with a brief smile and didn't say anything more.

But Elsa, who on the surface looked composed, felt a wave of disappointment wash over her. She stood still and silent, her heart aching.

His remark was followed by an embarrassed silence. Seeing that Elsa didn't say anything for a while, Darren was utterly confused about what had just happened. So to break the silence, he walked up to her and said, "Elsa, you had better take that pill. If you insist on giving it to me, I will have no choice but to force you to swallow it."

"All right. I will take it. Thank you so much, Darren," Elsa softly said. Looking at Darren's serious face, Elsa thought that it would be hypocritical of her to refuse him again. She nodded her head in agreement and accepted the pill.

Elsa swallowed the Talent-upgrading Elixir immediately, sat down on the ground with her legs crossed, and began to absorb the essence from the pill.

Darren followed suit in order to begin to cure his injuries.

'Hmm. The sword intent has become so intense after I absorbed it from the Purple Thundering Sword. It's so powerful that my meridians are unable to sustain it, ' Darren thought to himself. Darren came to this realization after he found that the sword intent, which flowed freely inside his meridians, had grown sharp all of a sudden. When he sensed the change, he instantly transferred the sword intent toward his cinnabar field.

'Ah! What happened? The sword internal force that was contained inside my body has begun to transform into something different!' Darren mused.

As Darren started to transfer the sword intent toward his cinnabar field, it kept on circling around. The sword internal force began to undergo a radi

now, you guys have condensed the sword core before you elevate to the Wonder Realm. It shows that you two are super geniuses and have made your mark in the whole world. And the sword core can be graded as red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple. Generally speaking, when you reach the Wonder Realm and condense your sword core, basically it will be yellow or above, which can emit stronger sword intent for the cultivator.

Darren, you have condensed an orange sword core. When you elevate to the Wonder Realm, you will have a chance to intensify it further. When that happens, it will turn into green at the very least, or even purple, Elsa, although you have the red sword core which is a little inferior to the orange, you still have immense potential. When you reach the Wonder Realm and start to intensify your sword core, you will still be far superior to those with normal and mediocre sword core in the same realm. But you should put more effort into your practice and really do your best to improve your talent," Mathew kindly said.

Hearing Mathew's detailed explanation, Darren and Elsa grew extremely excited.

"Thank you for telling us all this, Sir! I am ever so grateful for your wise counsel. You are such a worthy master of the Grand Realm with an incisive mind," Daren replied.

He and Elsa bowed deeply, expressing their gratitude.

"Ha-ha!" Mathew laughed. Mathew shook his head and said, "Due to my stubborn brother, I was able to get such detailed information. He also condensed the yellow sword core before he reached the Wonder Realm."

At this, Darren was surprised. Mathew said that his brother had condensed the sword core before he reached the Wonder Realm. This implied that his brother was much better and stronger than he was.

Seeing Darren's reaction, Elsa turned around and said, "Darren, Mr. Xiao's brother is also a master who reached the Grand Realm. Perhaps you have heard about him before. People call him Hanson Xiao."


Darren suddenly felt dizzy. Were they really talking about the legendary cultivator who practiced his sword and saber skills at the same time?

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