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   Chapter 70 Award (Part Two)

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A huge explosion followed.

Waves filled the air as the purple lightning and the sword intent from Darren's sword collided.

The confrontation lasted for a while before the purple lightning sword began to darken. The purple light gradually dulled and its sword intent began to disappear.

Darren breathed hard to puke a mouthful of blood. The purple lightning sword hurt him pretty badly.

"You're good but not as good as me. I defeated you at last." Darren declared with a grin on his face.

"Darren, take this magical sword. This is your reward for winning this fight. It's very powerful." Mathew's shadow told Darren by channeling the message in his mind.

Darren leaped towards the purple lightning sword and held it in his hands.

"Drip your blood on it and you'll be its master forever." Mathew's voice sounded in Darren's ear again.

Without hesitation, Darren dripped several drops of his blood on the weapon. Suddenly, a strange feeling crept at him as something in him was connected with the sword. Their minds were suddenly one. Darren felt it.

"That's amazing. I like it. I have always wanted a good sword. With this purple lightning sword, I'll be able to embrace my sword skills to full scale," he said.

The purple lightning sword came to life and flashed fine purple lightning again after the ceremony. Numerous flashes of tiny, purple lightning appeared on its surface like ripples. Its unusual appearance revealed its equally unusual nature.

Suddenly, a resonant voice echoed from the sky as if God were speaking.

"Congratulations, boy! You've passed the test. Since you did it perfectly, I will give you something as a reward," it said.

After the unknown voice finished speaking, a tiny, wooden box appeared in front of Darren seemingly carried by a ray of white light. Darren reached out his hand, took the box, and leaped onto the bank.

He walked towards Elsa

's yours," Elsa said. She declined politely, unwilling to accept a gift so precious.

"Take it, Elsa. Your refusal makes me feel embarrassed. I'll feel bad if you insist." Darren replied seriously.

Elsa stared at his face and saw the clear intent in his eyes. This was the first time Darren spoke to her that way.

"Take it, little girl. Your boyfriend is giving you a very precious gift. Your refusal will surely hurt him. Just do as he says and take the damn gift." Mathew's shadow jested.

Reluctantly, Elsa reached out and held the precious elixir in her hands. Her face turned crimson red when she heard Mathew's shadow refer to Darren as her boyfriend. To hide her shyness, she lowered her head to avoid the gaze of the two men in front of her. But she explained nothing. She just peeped at Darren from the corner of her eyes to observe his reaction.

Darren seemed unaffected. It seemed like there was nothing unusual about it. That brought a hidden smile on Elsa's lips. Her heartbeat quickened in glee.

'Was he silent because he accepted it? Or did he just completely ignore Matthew's words? Or... was he just afraid of embarrassing me so he decided to keep quiet?' Thoughts suddenly flooded Elsa. She cared so much about what Darren thought of her.

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