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   Chapter 69 Award (Part One)

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Darren stared at the creatures in the lake that resembled a sword and sunk into deep thought. He tried to think about the best course of action to take next.

"These Sword Type Creatures seem to be more powerful than the ones I saw a while ago. I must kill one of them to assimilate the sword intent it carries. Things should be easier after that." Darren murmured to himself as he evaluated the situation.

Darren scanned his surroundings carefully. He made sure that he didn't do anything impulsive. He knew that initiating an attack would make him a solid threat and target for the creatures.

"I'm so stupid!" Darren exclaimed as he candidly palmed his head in frustration. "I almost forgot! These sword-shaped creatures are dumb. Deceiving them would be easy. They have no way of knowing that I also have blade skills. I can use my sword skills to lure them in and then finish them off with my blade!" Darren murmured with excitement.

After setting up his plan, Darren swung his sword to launch a faint aura of sword intent and directed it towards the creatures. Although it was a weak aura, it was enough to drive the creatures in a frenzy. Their rabid eyes turned towards Darren, ready to attack.

"Amazing!" Darren shouted with glee. "The icy sword intent is fantastic. It's so powerful!" Darren slowly and steadily retreated to keep himself at a safe distance when the creatures attacked. Then, one of them dashed towards him. With a wide smile, he exclaimed in jest, "And we found our winner! Our first lucky contestant who will get to taste my sword!"

Darren swung his sword swiftly to launch the nine steps of the Profound Nine Sword Skills at the same time. That was the most powerful strike the skill could achieve.

Just as Darren expected, it seemed to not affect the sword-shaped creature. It continued to rush towards him at full speed, unharmed and undaunted. Darren then kept his sword and took out his blade, wielding it with both hands. He swung to attack with the Grand Thirteen Blade S

n before his time. With just a little more practice, he would be able to improve himself dramatically, and his preliminary sword intent would then be at high level." Mathew's shadow murmured more to himself than to anyone.

The test was designed to push and challenge a warrior's understanding of sword intent through making him fight those creatures. The designer did not expect anyone to ever really go past the first test perfectly. No one could have assimilated the sword intents.

Now, the lake was completely shrouded by purple lightning. This was something that the sword emitted to attack Darren.

The sword intents from both sides were at the same level. But the purple lighting gave the creature an advantage over Darren as it reinforced the sword's power.

"All right, sword monster. Let's finish the final round. The other fights bored me, anyway," Darren thought out loud.

The battle lasted so long. It made Darren feel impatient.

He swung his sword and mighty force of sword intent burst from it. Then, he aimed it at his target: the sword that flashed purple lightning.

Suddenly, the purple lightning sword shook and soared into the air. After flashing a final bolt of purple lightning as thick as a man's arm, it fell sharply from the sky as if the God of Lightning in a purple robe himself descended from heaven.

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