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   Chapter 68 Assimilate Sword Intent

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Under the lake, it was a completely different sight. As ripples spread on its surface, it turned into three colors, from far to near.

Flaming red water surrounded Darren, dancing like shiny fairies.

A strange bubbling sound came forth.

A series of bubbles rose from the bottom of the lake, bringing with them many skulls that popped out from underwater.

"Eh? That's..." Seeing those skulls, Darren sensed a stream of very pure and strong sword aura. 'They should be Sword Type Creatures, what a powerful aura, ' Darren thought.

One by one, seventy two skulls popped out.

'My cultivation base has been degenerated to the first stage of the Primary Realm, but these creatures have no cultivation base either, except for pure sword intent aura, ' Darren thought, his eyes widening in surprise. He raised his brows and tried to work out something. 'Does that mean I should kill these Sword Type Creatures with my pure sword intent?'

Latching onto this idea, Darren mobilized his brain cells and began to recall the very little sword intent he had comprehended on the cliff wall.

He had just started to master the sword intent, he was not yet familiar with its power when exercising the sword skill.

A fiery Sword Type Creature popped out of the bottom of the lake and moved in on Darren.

He frowned as it neared him. 'The sword intent is so strong with this aura of roaring flames!'

There was no time for Darren to puzzle it out. All of a sudden, the fiery creature turned into a red light ball and dashed towards him.

Darren's sword was already in his hand for the upcoming counterattack, but he was not able to mobilize any internal force or his Demon Core! It was apparent that he had been restricted by some powerful force.

"Well, I must kill you with only my sword intent!"

With a wave of his sword, the first movement of the Profound Nine Sword Skills was dispatched. "Whiz!" the sharp blade edge whistled through the air. In an attempt to scope out the creature's true strength, Darren held back from using the Profound Nine Sword Skills at the beginning.


In a blink of an eye, Darren's sword had stabbed into the Sword Type Creature's chest. The result, however, was a great surprise to him.

Rather than being routed, the creature gave off a stream of searing white-hot sword intent which ran along Darren's sword to attack him.

'This sword intent is so much more powerful than my sword internal force. I would be no mat

ed in admiration.

"I have seen so many geniuses over thousands of years, including those whose moves are much more powerful than yours. But this is the first time I've ever witnessed a man kill the strongest of Sword Type Creatures with just one stroke!" Mathew's shadow was utterly astonished.

"Good job, Darren! You are incredibly powerful!" Elsa was pleasantly surprised. Oh, how she wished she could run to Darren to embrace him!

"Sir, let him come out of the lake," Elsa urged.

"No hurry," Mathew's shadow gave her a reassuring wave of his hand. "He seems to be intent on challenging the 'icy sword intent'. I really can't wait to see how many Sword Type Creatures he'll manage to kill totally."

Elsa shifted her eyes to the middle part of the lake. A snow white Sword Type Creature with chilly breath popped out of the bottom, even larger and stronger than the last creature Darren had killed.

Of course Elsa was not worried about Darren's strength. Like Mathew, she was instead wondering how many such powerful Sword Type Creatures would be added to Darren's tally!

"There are totally thirty five such Sword Type Creatures with ice attribute. He would set a record if he manages to kill all of them. Moreover, if he could kill the last one with thunder attribute, that would be a perfect pass, which will earn him a handsome reward from my master!

But I have to admit it's quite unrealistic. Over several thousand years, I have never seen a genius who got through this test perfectly,"

Mathew said, shaking his head. But he was still looking forward to seeing Darren's strength. What if something miraculous transpired?

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