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   Chapter 66 Start To Understand Sword Intent

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Looking around, Darren exclaimed in surprise, "Where are we?"

He also noticed that the wounds on his body disappeared and he was back to his original human form.

In front of him was a cliff. Behind him was a vast wasteland where a great number of huge living creatures strolled and where fights took place occasionally.

'I have only read about these things in books about the ancient world, ' he thought with astonishment.

"Darren, this is the Black Cliff of Sword Intent. I have been here before," Elsa introduced, a trace of terror flashing in her eyes. It had never crossed her mind that she would return to the place where her nightmare began.

Darren nodded then said in a surprised tone, "I'm guessing this is an independent space. The images in the distance look so real."

"You think those are illusions, don't you? But the truth is they are all real."

Her words left Darren dumbfounded. He looked at the demonic monsters. 'I thought they were visions, ' he exclaimed inside.

Upon seeing the skeptical look on Darren's face, Elsa explained further, "I'm telling you the truth. Look at that cliff. There are signs left by swords. If you can't comprehend enough things in three days, the cliff will remain closed and the huge demonic monsters will attack us."

"I see!" The thought of those demonic monsters coming at them gave Darren goosebumps.

"Where is Mr. Xiao?" Elsa muttered as she looked around.

"What did you just say?" Darren asked curiously.

Before she could answer, an elder's shadow that exuded a powerful aura appeared in front of Darren.

"Welcome to the trial, my 34652nd visitor," the shadow said flatly.

"Who, who are you?" Darren asked, with shock in his eyes. Elsa bowed to the shadow calmly as if she had met it before.

"I was Mathew Xiao, a sword cultivator at the Grand Realm. I died 7000 years ago. You can call me Mr. Xiao," the old man replied with a smile.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Xiao," Darren greeted, bowing to the shadow. 'Cultivators at the Grand Realm are stronger than those at the Wonder Realm. They are the rightful rulers of the world, ' he thought in awe.

The shadow of Mathew nodded and then turned to Elsa who was standing beside Darren. "Missy, you were able to escape this place. Wh

her too many surprises with his strength and talents. She was beginning to see him as some kind of mysterious genius.

As Darren cleared his mind, the marks appeared in his head. He concentrated on studying their intent rather than how they looked.

'Deep and perfect, ' Darren defined the intent of the signs on the wall internally.

He took a breath.

The next second, he opened his eyes and started wielding his sword.

The moves he played looked random as if they didn't make any sense but they all showed great power.

Darren repeated the same moves over and over again. Six hours later, he flew towards the cliff and started carving patterns on it with his sword.

Mathew's shadow laughed and nodded approvingly. "Well done. This lad has started to understand sword intent."

"Oh? He has been able to carve marks with four different strengths. Good job," Mathew's shadow continued, astonished by what Darren accomplished. He thought that he had done a good job for he could copy three marks with different strengths. After all, he wasn't a genius led to there by the fragment.

"Now, I have to check his talent for martial arts," the shadow muttered. Even though it was just Mathew's shadow, it could still sense the talents of other people which were below the Heaven Degree. This might be because he had reached the Grand Realm.

Mathew's shadow began to detect Darren's talent. He was taken aback by the results.

"This boy..."

"What's wrong with him, Mr. Xiao?" Elsa asked in confusion.

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