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   Chapter 65 The Cliff

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In this wilderness, the situation was severe—the two dangerous forces were surging furiously.

Elsa's face turned pale. She knew that Jerome was close to killing someone and it was impossible to prevent him from doing so.

Just when Jerome and Darren were at a stalemate, Elsa moved toward Dalton to pick up the divine sword fragment—she had a plan.

Suddenly, a burst of violent wind emerged and Jerome's release of vital energy imposed tremendous pressure on his opponent.

With that, Darren felt suppression in his chest, a sense of something almost unbearable.

"The strength of Mysterious Realm is too powerful…" In shock, Darren thought, 'All I can do is to use demonic internal force. But it's still impossible to kill someone who has reached the Mysterious Realm with just that.'

At this moment, Jerome made a move—an ancient bow was open in his hand, ready to shoot the arrow.

As he drew the bow, an arrow with vital energy and white light shot out.

A powerful force came with the arrow, its speed was incomparable. Darren could avoid the arrow by any means.

Darren waved his blade and sword, and a majestic internal force came out. After a roar, the arrow dimmed a bit, but its power was still unbeatable.

The arrow seemed to be more powerful than he imagined—the idea scared him.


Seeing the arrow approaching, Darren gathered all his internal force only to move a small step.

Even with that, the arrow easily penetrated his left shoulder. As it pierced his flesh, it exploded with vital energy, leaving a gaping hole in his body.

"Do you see my power, now? Killing you would be as simple as slaughtering a dog!" Seeing Darren become a mere duckling in his eyes, Jerome turned rather complacent.

"Cut the crap. Kill me if you're really powerful enough!" In spite of the tremendous pain in his left shoulder, Darren forced himself to stand proud in the wind, shrugging off any sign of weakness.

"Alright, well, if that's the case…

You'll die like Dalton, very miserable," Jerome explained, shooting three ancient arrows. They flew so fast that the sharp sound penetrated the wind as if the arrows were cutting through the sky—it was astonishing.

Standing still, Darren's pyramidal demon core in his body began to work. A stock of demonic internal force started to gather in passages throu

his hand and the fragment containing sword intent fell into his hand.

"Inject blood essence into it, Darren. Hurry!" Elsa urged anxiously.

Though he didn't know why she asked him to do so, he tried it. Immediately, Darren made the blood essence rush from his heart to spurt onto the fragment.

Light flashed from it and a strange scene appeared in the night sky.

It was a precipice shooting straight into the thick clouds. The three sides were an endless black wilderness. The demonic monsters, standing thousands of feet in height were suddenly everywhere, and the power that shook heaven and earth was now rampant.

There was a descendant of the dragon, thousands of feet long…

An ancient monster stood alongside it, as huge as a mountain…

Even the descendant of the Fire Kylin appeared.

These descendants of ancient legendary beasts were powerful and formidable demonic monsters.

At that moment, the figure of a young man stepped out. As he quietly waved his sword, the demonic monsters fled, some of them suddenly trembling and shivering.

In the distance, seeing this scene, Jerome was too scared to even retreat, as if the appalling power was too close, forcing him to kneel.

The peerless arrow he shot was on its way to kill Darren and Elsa.

But at that very moment, another miracle unfolded.

In the endless illusion, a massive hand pierced through the void, grabbing Darren and Elsa, and vanished.

"Welcome to accept the assessment of Sword Intent Cliff!" A godlike voice coming from the heavens roared in Darren's mind.

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