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   Chapter 64 The Shocking Strength

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Jerome was shocked when Darren brandished the sword. He sensed a significant threat to himself.

Darren used the first eight skills of the Profound Nine Sword Skills, all at once, smoothly and perfectly. When in a rage, he had sudden enlightenment regarding the ninth skill.

The Profound Nine Sword Skills was a superior martial arts manual—every one of its first eight skills was already very powerful combined with the internal force of the sword. However, after they were perfectly combined, the power became overwhelming. Just as Jerome had said, Darren would become the most powerful warrior of the Spirit Realm. Hardly could anybody in the same realm win against him.

In this situation, Darren only showed part of his strength. He used the sword instead of simultaneously using the sword and the saber. Had he used both weapons along with the superior martial arts skills, his power would be unimaginable.

However, that was not all the power Darren had. His ace was the use of the demonic internal force, which was more powerful than the internal force of the sword and the saber. What was more, after transforming into a demonic mode, his body would become extraordinarily strong. Nevertheless, he would never use it unless he was facing a death threat. This was Darren's life-saving recourse.

Darren was already that powerful at the fifth stage of the Spirit Realm. If he reached the ninth stage of the Spirit Realm, he might not lose in a battle with a cultivator at the early stages of the Mysterious Realm.

It was well known that it was hard to challenge a cultivator at the higher stages of your realm, and it was almost impossible to challenge anyone at a higher realm. In the history of Doriath and among all the sects, there was no such case where a cultivator at the Spirit Realm had challenged or defeated a cultivator at the Mysterious Realm.

No matter how strong Darren was or how many cards he had in his hand, it was impossible for him to challenge or defeat a cultivator at the Mysterious Realm. After all, he was only at the fifth stage of the Spirit Realm.

Owing to the massive power gaps between realms, Dalton, who was at the ninth stage of the Spirit Realm, was afraid of Jerome.

In the blink of an eye, Darren approached Dalton while brandishing the sword with strong power.

The force of Dalton's saber could not be overlooked, considering his unique skills. The sword and the saber collided at an insane speed, which shook the barren mountain violently, like an earthquake.

"What a perfect sword skill!" Although both Elsa's strength and talent had diminished, she still had a good knowledge of sword skills. She was shocked by Darren's sword skills. "How can he be so strong?"

Dalton could hardly resist the internal force of Darren's sword, and he was forced to step back quickly. It seemed

eeling. Enjoy it!" Darren said coldly and indifferently.

"Well done, boy!"

said Jerome, as he walked toward Darren, clapping. "You surprised me. I never thought that you would be so good. I judged you incorrectly before."

Uttering these words, Jerome's figure flashed and then approached Darren.

When everything calmed down, Elsa ran back to see what was going on. When she saw that Darren was safe and sound, she was so happy that she almost burst into tears. But, soon after, she frowned and became worried again. She thought, 'Dalton can't survive this, but what about Jerome? What should I do?'

"Jerome, Dalton is a ruthless and shameless guy. Thank you for everything that you have done. Without you, he might have killed us. I'll report this to my father when I return to our sect, and I'm sure he will visit and express his gratitude to you," said Elsa. She was trying to probe for Jerome's real intentions.

"Ha-ha-ha…" Jerome suddenly burst into laughter and said, "Elsa, don't be so naive. Do you really think that I will let Darren go? How can you be so ignorant?

Even if I spare his life, do you think he will survive when he returns to the sect? I'm sure that Alan, that bastard, will tear him to pieces. He is doomed. If I kill him, at least I can try to make it fast and less painful. Clear?" Jerome chuckled, as he reached out and patted Darren's face.

"So, are you telling me that only one of us will leave here alive?" Darren questioned as he quickly put some distance between himself and Jerome. An overwhelming killing intention emerged in Darren's eyes.

Miles away, Alan was drinking cheerfully with an old man in a palace. All of a sudden, his face paled, and a stream of blood spurted from his mouth. He stood, stumbling and wavering.

"My son… My son was killed… Who killed my son?"

Alan wailed. His grief drove him to the edge of insanity.

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