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   Chapter 63 Fighting Against Dalton

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Updated: 2019-08-22 00:02

Before long, Darren and Elsa were out of the Ilmen Sect's area and rushed into a strange forest.

Following closely behind them was Dalton. He cut down every thick tree that stood in his way as easily as one would cut grass.

"Damn it! The bastard runs too fast…" he couldn't help cursing.

No matter how hard Dalton tried to catch up, Darren was always hundreds of meters ahead of him. 'Did the asshole have some kind of lightness training? How the hell can he run so fast dragging a girl who just barely reached the Primary Realm?' he wondered in frustration.

In the meantime, another man followed behind them, as quietly and swiftly as a shadow, keeping a certain distance from them all the while.

'It seems that Darren is leading Dalton that way on purpose, ' the man thought. Having found something rather strange, he was waiting for something exciting to unfold.

Even after chasing Darren for quite a while, Dalton was still a long way behind. Burning with fury, he ended up summoning all his vital energy, dashing through the forest as fast as possible, knocking tree after tree down in his wake.

Finally, having spent much of his vital energy, he began approaching Darren.

But the chased wasn't in any panic—he merely continued running forward, dragging Elsa along.

'Go ahead! The closer you get to me, the sooner you'll meet your end, ' Darren thought with a malicious smile.

"Darren, you're too fast! I can barely keep my eyes open," Elsa said, taken aback by his speed. Being pulled forward by Darren, she felt as if her heels were flying off the ground.

"Don't worry, Elsa. We'll make our stop soon," he calmly said as if he were taking a walk in the park, not running for his life.

Seeing the confident smile on his lips, Elsa couldn't help but stare at him curiously—it didn't seem like he had any sense of the danger and trouble around him. 'Has he found some way to get rid of Dalton? Or maybe… he's just not afraid of him at all?' she wondered.

It seemed that Dalton was closing in on them, as the distance between them having been shortened to about several dozen feet.

"Go to hell!" With a wave of his blade, Dalton made a stroke of vital energy fly toward Darren.

The latter easily dodged the attack with quick reflexes—the vital energy wasn't even close to touching him.


kill this guy in one move."

A snort was all Jerome offered in response. Having reached the Mysterious Realm, he could sense that there was a powerful vital energy fluctuation in Darren's body, so he didn't believe what Dalton said. Without saying another word, he crossed his arms and watched with much interest.

"Have a taste of my new skill! Wildish Dragon Blade! Chop!"

Suddenly, Dalton was surrounded by powerful vital energy. He used his most powerful skill, trying to take Darren out in one move.

"Darren, watch out!" Elsa couldn't help but cry out.

Her face turned pale in shock—the attack was so powerful that she doubted Darren would be able to dodge it, regardless of how strong he was.

To her surprise, Darren didn't even need to dodge it. After gently pushing her out of the way, he waved his sword toward his opponent.

'Wow… very few people in the Spirit Realm can resist Dalton's attacks, ' Jerome thought in surprise.

Despite being only eighteen years old, Dalton had already reached such a high cultivation level—Jerome could already tell that he would become his powerful rival in the future once the boy made it to the Mysterious Realm.

But in a single moment, he realized he was wrong.

'How could the swordsmanship be that powerful?' It was astonishing, to say the least, when Jerome saw the countless sword shadows in the air, emanating overwhelming force.

With such a sight in front of him, Jerome realized that the man, even younger than Dalton, would become the most powerful person of the Spirit Realm.

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