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   Chapter 62 Heavy Murderous Intent

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Dalton's eyes narrowed as he recognized Darren. He walked forward, approaching Darren and Elsa.

"Bastard, you're damn lucky. I can't believe you're still alive," Dalton said, as his pupils turned black and heavy murderous intent radiated from them. "But it's alright. I'll solve that problem right now."

"Dalton! Who do you think you are? If you kill him in the sect, your father won't even be able to protect you from punishment!"

Elsa stared at Dalton coldly and stood beside Darren.

Elsa's words were true. The official rule dictated that the disciples of Ilmen Sect were forbidden to kill each other. However, if they both voluntarily agreed to battle in the Life and Death Valley, an outcome of death was permitted.

"Hmph. Elsa, you're only right if I leave behind a witness. But I won't be punished if I kill you as well. It's midnight, but you are still with him. Everyone will think you two have an intimate relationship. If I kill you, I'll be fine. Don't you know this bastard's identity?" Instead of feeling threatened by Elsa's words, Dalton became enraged.

"Identity? What slanderous suggestion are you making? He's a disciple, what else could he be?" Elsa believed that Dalton was trying to come up with an excuse to kill Darren.

Darren had already discerned what Dalton was going to say next. That day in the Barren Wasteland, Dalton had seen Darren's body take on fiendish characteristics, so he would use the excuse that Darren had turned into a fiend to kill him publicly.

As Darren had the very thought, Dalton stepped forward and said, "This bastard, he transformed into a fi..."

Before he could finish his words, Darren made his move to seal Dalton's mouth.

Why did he attack so hastily?

Because Darren had already sensed a stronger aura coming from the figure hidden in the distance behind Dalton.

If Dalton had been alone, Darren was confident he could kill him with his strength and not worry about his secret from getting out. Worst case scenario, he'd have to swear Elsa to secrecy. But the figure behind Dalton was hiding his presence and his strength was far more powerful than Darren's.

If he couldn't kill the stronger martial artist, the news that he had transformed into a fiend would spread through the sect. Then it would attract the attention of superior martial artists to investigate whether the news was real. If they discovered he had made the transformation, he would undoubtedly be killed as a fiend.

Therefore, just as Dalton was about to blurt out that fact, Darren made the first move to prevent the truth from leaving his mind. He collected his internal energy and sent it out at Dalton with a single thrust of the palm.

Dalton blocked the attack easily, but Darren succeeded in his goal. Dalton did not finish his sentence. "How dare you attack me!" he said.

ton stepped up to Elsa. Knowing that Darren would be watching, he began to imagine how exciting and enjoyable it would be as he took advantage of her.

"Kneel before me!" Dalton reached out his hand and pushed Elsa's shoulder, forcing her to kneel.

Elsa struggled desperately against his weight, however, she couldn't even move a finger. 'Is there no way for me to stop him?' Elsa thought desperately.

Darren's face had become an emotionless mask. As Dalton pushed Elsa's head down to his crotch, a vortex whirled under Darren's feet, and his internal force boiled at his pores, desperate to be let out.

"I'll make you feel hopeless!"

Darren's cold voice resounded as his internal force flooded forward.

"Oh?" Dalton sensed the danger and retreated quickly while he cut and unleashed illusory shadows of the blade.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

In the wake of the explosive clashes, Darren retreated and grabbed Elsa's hand as he passed her. He picked her up and darted away.

"Darren, this is the wrong way. We're running out of the Ilmen Sect." As soon as Elsa recovered from the hopelessness and disgust of Dalton's actions, her heart became anxious as she realized Darren was taking her in the direction opposite to the Ilmen Sect.

"Trust me. I know what I'm doing," Darren said coldly because he still tasted hatred for Dalton.

Now he was determined to kill Dalton, but it was too risky to kill Dalton within the Ilmen Sect. What was worse, the figure lurking in the shadows still had not revealed itself.

"Bastard, you want to run away?" Dalton called out in rage. He executed his vital energy to its best advantage chasing after them.

"Come on and chase me. When you catch up, I'll make you regret being born to this world!" Darren said with a curled smile.

The mysterious figure flashed out of the darkness and followed after them under the silver moonlight.

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