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   Chapter 61 The Black Cliff Of Sword Intent

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Elsa was startled by Darren's strength. It was completely beyond what she could have imagined.

"Darren, how could you..." she stammered, still grasping with the reality of the situation. "How could you become so powerful?" Elsa's eyes were wide open with astonishment and perhaps even admiration.

"Elsa, let's find a place to have a conversation," Darren said calmly. "I also have some questions for you." He was not surprised at Elsa's shocked expression as she watched him.

"Sure." Elsa responded. She kept her eyes at Darren as if she was looking at a god that had just flown down from heaven.

They walked slowly and sat down in a relatively quiet place where no one would bother them.

"Darren, you surprise me. Normally, you would have been seriously injured by now with your training. You were supposed to discontinue cultivating once you ate those seeds. However, you have grown stronger. Have you found some kind of counterbalancing method?"

Elsa continued without waiting for an answer, "Not to mention, those disciples rescued by a master of Wonder Realm in the Barren Wasteland said that you were killed by a fiend. How did you manage to escape safely?"

Elsa looked at Darren eye-to-eye. Somehow Darren was mysterious to her. Where did his power come from?

"Those two seeds injured my meridians. But as for the reasons why my strength improved..." Darren paused. He was unwilling to say more, for he could not afford to disclose his secret to anyone.

"I understand," Elsa said and did not push him for the answer. "You must have travelled your own journey. But the blade intent seed and the sword intent seed are still threatening your life, aren't they?"

"Maybe." It was challenging to explain everything explicitly. There were many reasons for this, not least of which was the need to keep his secret safe. So Darren chose to give an answer that would sound believable.

"They like to talk irresponsibly when it comes to fiend killings," Darren said. "I also managed to escape from the fiend's cave with the help of a master of Wonder Realm. Then I returned home to heal myself. That's why I returned to Ilmen Sect late." He watched her, checking to see if she would accept his lie. He would not tell the truth about his fiend feature, his transformation and the bronz

e sword with the size of fingernail lay in the case.

Darren felt a strange power moving across his body the moment the case opened. The internal force of sword in his meridians responded and raced wildly.

"It's strange. I feel a strong force of the sword skill." Darren could not restrain himself.

"Yes, that is the force of the sword intent. It is the supreme evolution of the sword skill," Elsa explained. "The inheritance test of the Black Cliff of Sword Intent is related to sword intent."

"The inheritance test of the Black Cliff of Sword Intent... What exactly does it entail?" asked Darren.

"Ho-ho." Elsa shook her head and smiled bitterly, clearly remembering her tragic experience at the cliff. "It is dangerous. I would rather you didn't know about it. Let us talk about something else.

I thought it was a treasure. But look at what it has brought me." Elsa stared at the sword piece with an intensive hatred in her eyes.

Darren, however, was eager to hear more about the Black Cliff of Sword Intent. His instincts told him he needed to know more. He wanted to pursue his question. But then he felt two strong powers approaching.

"Who is there?" Darren exclaimed loudly.

"Ha-ha. So it is you, little bastard. What treasure are you two talking about? Turn it over to me immediately or face the consequences."

A figure stepped slowly into the moonlight. It was none other than Dalton, the son of Elder Alan of the School of Blade Skill. Dalton was one of the few foes Darren had engraved in his mind.

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