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   Chapter 60 Some Things Are Inevitable

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Toby handed the file to Darren. As the latter opened it and read the contents, his features broke into a serious expression.

"What is the thunder internal force?" Darren asked.

The file mentioned that an aggressive thunder internal force was found at Gavin's wound after his head had been cut off.

"When it comes to the thunder internal force, there's nothing we can do. We can't investigate further. Even the royal family doesn't dare to get involved with it," Toby replied, his eyebrows knitted together.

"Sir, I don't understand. Can you tell me why?" Darren inquired, perplexed by the older man's words.

"To tell you the truth, only the masters from the Holy Lands of martial arts can refine the thunder internal force. I just don't get it. How did Gavin get himself killed by a master from the Holy Land?"

Even Darren had no idea why his father would have been murdered.

"Well, I need to get back to the Governor's Office. I hope you will not dig into it further. Nothing good will come out of it," Toby said with cupped fists and walked away.

"Holy Land..." Darren repeated to himself. It suddenly occurred to him that his sister had been taken away by a person from a Holy Land of martial arts. The girl who had taken Belle with her was from the Lotus Holy Land.

"Where are the Holy Lands of martial arts?" Darren murmured. He decided he would go to the Lotus Holy Land even if it turned out the place had nothing to do with his father's death and sister's disappearance.

But he had little information about where the Lotus Holy Land was. Therefore he had to delay his plans to get to the Holy Land until he could gather more information. He shook off these thoughts, and without hesitation, he turned his horse towards Ilmen Sect.


As he was halfway to his destination, a great wind blew across the mountains causing leaves to fly in the air in a star-like pattern.

Darren drew in the reins, bringing his horse to a stop. He activated his divine sense to scan his surroundings. After a few seconds, he sensed several people on a mountain peak not far from him. Each exuded an enormously strong aura.

"They all are as strong as the elders of Ilmen Sect!" Darren exclaimed in shock as he felt their presence. Wasting no time at all, he held his breath and hid in the bush, hoping he could avoid being noticed.

Soon after, those masters landed a hundred meters away from Darren.

"Can't you keep a low profile? Why did you have to make a scene?" one complained. The group consisted of five people, and each carried a shining blade on their back. The aura emanating from them made Darren shiver with fear.

More importantly, they looked like they were in their early thirties, a young age for auras to be so great.

'Who are these people? How did they acquire such formidable power at such a young age? They must have reached the sixth or seventh stage of the Mysterious Realm!' Darren thought to himself

forehead as he took in the figure.

Terror took over the faces of the others as well. 'Who is this boy? He is way too strong, ' they thought.

Staring at Darren's back, Elsa was astonished yet deeply intrigued. As far as she could remember, only Cody possessed such power among all the young disciples of the School of Sword Skill. But she could tell by his back that the person standing before her was just a teenager. 'It can't be Cody. Who is he?' she wondered, echoing the thoughts of the bullies but tinted with an opposite emotion.

"Are you all right, Elsa?" Darren inquired as he turned around.

"It's you, D-Darren."

The typical cold and indifferent expression on her face disappeared. Her voice carried a dash of delight and resounding surprise.

It had never occurred to her that Darren would have come to her rescue. 'I heard that he went to the Barren Wasteland and was eaten by a fiend. How is that he's still alive?

And not only alive. He seems stronger, much stronger. He defeated a cultivator at the fourth stage of the Spirit Realm with one move. What's going on?' Elsa was overwhelmed by questions.

But when she saw the simple, innocent smile on Darren's face, she was overjoyed and relieved.

"It's really you, Darren. I'm so glad to see you come back safe and sound," Elsa said, smiling.

"Brat, you'd better stay out of this, or we, the disciples of the School of Blade Skill will not spare you," one of the bullies warned. Although they were wary of Darren's strength, they weren't afraid of him. After all, they worked for Dalton, and they were certain no one dared to stand up to him.

"Get lost!"

With a shout, Darren stretched out his hand and opened his palm at the men. Internal force exploded from his palm and shot toward disciples of the School of Blade Skill. A moment later, they were blown into the air, blood spilling from their mouths as they dropped back to the ground.

Elsa was stunned at the scene.

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