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   Chapter 59 He Was So Untouchable

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Everyone turned their eyes to Darren. Suddenly, most of them realized that this young man was quite invincible as far as they were concerned. They began to see him like a powerful hero from a legend.

"Clap! Clap! Clap!"

Loud applause burst out from the crowd. Not having seen anything like his strength in a long time, they were excited.

"Wonderful! He is an outstanding member of our Chu Clan!" The guard of the Martial Skill Library also clapped his hands, proudly speaking highly of Darren.

On the main platform, the Elders of the Chu Clan were exchanging pleased expressions. But all of them inwardly felt regretful that they had looked down on this young genius.

The most surprised looks were from the visiting clans. Darren was at such a tender age, but already had such outstanding strength. He was on par with or even better than the top members of the other clans in Valmar. In this way, the Chu Clan had really become the number one clan in Valmar!

"Ina, let's go. We will never return to the Chu Clan from now on," the Elder of the Valiance Sect said to the girl with a sigh.

She had been in a stunned daze ever since the fighting ended and now was brought back to reality by the old man's voice. Looking at his pale face, she felt her stomach twist in knots.

She had always thought that she was the most talented one and her master was unbeatable. But the young man in front of her had defeated her master so easily! He was too powerful! She stood no match against him!

"Okay," the girl nodded, a bitter smile plastered onto her lips. She had been dealt a rather heavy blow by this young man.

"Do you want to go?" a member of the Chu Clan stood out of the crowd and asked. "How dare you leave after you committed such violence in our Chu Clan?"

Confident that Darren would protect them and the old man had been hurt, some members of the Chu Clan began to act aggressively again.

"Who are you!? Why didn't you stand up a moment ago?" Ina said, staring him down.

The source of the bold voice backed down instantly at her piercing gaze.

"Stop!" Someone blocked their way.

It was Darren! The girl and the old man both stiffened and stood in place, not daring to take a single step forward.

"Mr. Darren, don't let them go. All people who have killed members of our Chu Clan must die!"

"That's right! Did you really think you could come and go freely in the presence of Mr. Darren?"

Some other members beside the platform started to laugh and jeer.

"Shut your mouths!" Darren shouted with a look of irritation. He quickly leaped to the noisy arrogant men who had shouted just now and slapped them square on their faces. What he hated most were these kinds of bad guys who stirred up unnecessary trouble.

Hearing Darren's words, the old man and the girl turned around. At that moment, the old man r

d said, "Uncle Reed, your wallet... seems to be on the ground."

With this, Darren turned around, only hearing the laughter behind him.

Reed looked down on the ground. His wallet was actually there!

'Shit! How humiliating! I better hide myself from the others...' Reed was wholly embarrassed, his face flushing a beet red.

Darren's elder uncle felt relieved a little bit. 'Darren seems not to want to make trouble for me. He really has a big heart. This is what a powerful man is like! In his eyes, I am nobody!' Darren's elder uncle also felt bad, as if Darren had given him a slap in front of other people.

As he prepared to leave the Chu Clan, Darren turned back and glanced at the house where he grew up again. He would probably never enter that familiar structure again. Since he had decided to leave this place forever, what happened here would be gone with the wind. He would sever all ties with this place and its people.

"Giddy up!" Darren cracked the whip and urged his horse onwards. He was leaving for the Ilmen Sect soon.

"Darren, please wait!" Toby's voice shouted from behind.

Darren stopped and turned around to see that Toby was running up to him.

"Darren, I have some secret information here that I think I need to tell you," Toby said, panting.

"What is it?" Darren asked, furrowing his brow.

"It is about your father's murder. The Governor's Office has some clues now after we did some investigations. Do you want to know about it?" Toby said, taking out a yellow file from his pocket.

"Darren, the murderer has an impressive background. I just want you to know who it is. Please do not want to take revenge now. And I hope you don't blame the Governor's Office. I'm very sorry to say that we are not strong enough to defeat him," Toby said pleadingly, worry in his eyes.

"What kind of background?" Darren asked quietly, eager to know who it was.

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