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   Chapter 58 Only One Move (Part Two)

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The clamor grew louder upon hearing this. Everyone was well aware that Gavin was also at the ninth stage of the Spirit Realm before he died. While most of the people were exchanging opinions of doubt and suspicion about Toby's words, others showed conviction and believed him.

As a captain in the Governor's Office, Toby had always been known to be true to his reputation for honesty. He had never exaggerated anything, and his noble character also explained why he always spoke with authority among the people.

The Chu Clan elders who knew Toby's personality very well now began to show a sign of relief and started to hope that Darren could eliminate the Valiance Sect elder for them.

As more people started to root for Darren, the Valiance Sect elder began to regret his decision. From the beginning, he had an intuition that Darren was a competent opponent. It was his haunting curiosity that urged him to challenge Darren to find out exactly how strong he was.

Despite his hesitations, there was no turning back now. Since he had already put forward his proposition and Darren had already accepted his challenge, he had no choice but to wait for the fighting time to come. Although at the beginning, he had the ulterior motive of mocking and taunting Darren for his decision, from the bottom of his heart, he was actually in fear that he might be humiliated and consequently ruined the reputation of his own sect.

In order to fully gauge Darren's capability, he secretly shot out his spiritual power towards Darren. And this time, he released all of it without any reservation.

Darren sensed the coming of the spiritual power at once. However, he did not budge and merely waited for it to arrive. Within a second, the spiritual power shot into his head like a sharp, piercing needle.

Undeterred, Darren sneered contemptuously at the elder. The spiritual power the elder had sent him was no match for the one that the fiend had charged at him after it flew out of the bronze coffin. Even then, the mysterious power in Darren's head was s


As the spear was let out, it breathed out chilly, piercing winds and headed straight towards Darren. The moment the spear and the sword light met in the air, a ghastly, shrill sound came and vibrated throughout the entire training ground. Everyone who was there could only watch the fight with their mouths agape in amazement.

However, in terms of strength, the elder's vital energy was no match for Darren's blade and sword internal force. Within a moment, the sword light energized by Darren's blade and sword internal force defeated the spear that was being propelled by the elder's vital energy. The sword light cut through the spear and continued straight towards the elder at full force as if nothing had stood in its way.

In a second, the sword light pierced the elder's chest and emerged from his back, cutting his body into a thousand pieces.

"How can this be possible? This can't be! I cannot believe it!" the elder's disciple cried out. She did not ever expect that this would happen, and so seeing what had happened to her master devastated and terrorized her entirely.

"My master is at the ninth stage of the Spirit Realm... That guy is only at the fifth. There is no way he could be defeated..." she stammered. She was so panicked and terrified that she barely noticed that blood was trickling down her lip from her biting it too hard.

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