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   Chapter 57 Only One Move (Part One)

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Darren glanced swiftly over the training ground, and found that everyone was watching him with their mouths open in amazement.

There was a complex expression on the old man's face. On one hand, he felt embarrassed and disgraced, but on the other, he also felt astonished. He had never expected that Darren would be that strong. He even had the ability to demonstrate such a formidable, compelling internal force with his sword. But while he indeed found Darren's tremendous strength marvelous, he also felt awful for his disciple who had been beaten by Darren.

It was his feelings of vengeance over what Darren did to his disciple that compelled him to challenge Darren. He wanted, more than anything to get even with him for what he did. Since his strength was at the ninth stage of the Spirit Realm, which was a much higher stage than Darren's fifth stage, he thought that Darren defeating him would be out of the question.

Having made up his mind, he stepped forward. "Young man, the sword skill you have just demonstrated is indeed marvelous and impressive. I am really impressed, and I want to know if my strength can be comparable to yours. I am wondering if you will be willing to engage in combat against me?" he proposed.

"It was just a simple trick, and not a big deal. You don't have to take it seriously." Daren waved his hand dismissively, refusing the old man's proposition. He knew something else was up.

The old man smiled and shook his head, not ready to give up just yet. "Don't worry! Since my stage is much higher than yours, you can rest assured that I will suppress my strength to match yours so we can have a fair fight. I'm really not one to bully someone who has less experience than I do. What do you think?" he asked.

The minute the old man's words escaped, the crowd let out a deafening roar.

"So, he's at the fifth stage of the Spirit Realm, huh? Who even said that he was ruined? Where did that even come from?" one observer asked.

"Well, as we all can see, it truly is nothing but a rumor. We have witnessed just now how proficient he is in his sword skill. Maybe he is even the one who spread the rumor so we will all be surprised today," another one said.

"Actually, it seems like the Valiance Sect elder is not only afraid of him because of his strength, but also because he is a disciple of the Ilmen Sect.

I didn't think that th

oposing a full fight? Is he really aware of whom he is provoking? The Valiance Sect elder is not someone he should underestimate," one of the three wounded elders of the Chu Clan commented. The other two nodded their heads in agreement with him.

They were not the only people who had doubts about Darren's strength. In people's opinion, Darren already had one foot in the grave as his stage was far lower than the elder's stage. More than that, he had just achieved the fifth stage not so long ago, so going against the elder who had far more experience than he did in a fight seemed like a futile exercise or more like a suicide act for Darren. It was only Darren's resolute eyes and decisive manner that gave them the impression that there might be hope somewhere. Besides, none of them had ever seen Darren cheat anyone.

While everyone in the crowd was gauging Darren's strength, a voice called out from the direction of the Chu Clan crowd, "There is absolutely nothing to worry about! I have seen Darren's strength for myself. If Gavin were alive, he would not be on par with him in strength." The voice caught everyone by surprise. Everyone turned their heads to see who had made such a shocking comment. In an instant, they realized that it was Toby. Unlike the others present, he had absolute confidence in Darren winning over the elder. Darren's magical performance last time had impressed him so much that the only way he could describe Darren's strength was by comparing it with Gavin's as he was well-known by everyone for his otherworldly strength and honorable reputation.

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