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   Chapter 56 He Was Not Meek

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Darren's figure gradually became clearer in the crowd.

All eyes were on him. The Chu Clan members were confused. Toby had shouted out to call forth "the distinguished guest". Why was he going up there?

"Captain Toby, the distinguished guest you mentioned..." The Chief Elder sounded shocked.

"Yes, it is this young man. As long as we have him with us, these criminals cannot escape today." Toby waved his hands wildly. His words revealed his loyal confidence in Darren.

"Captain Toby, I think you might be mistaken. Are you really referring to that boy who is going up the stage?" another elder asked doubtfully.

"Ha-ha, I guess it's understandable that you find it unbelievable. After all, he is so young." Toby smiled lightly, and then he briefly described Darren's actual strength, which made everyone even more shocked.

"He saved you from a high-level diabolic beast? And killed it too!?"

Several elders looked incredulous, their disbelief soon turning into bitter smiles.

Darren had finally stepped onto the stage. Standing in front of the elders, he greeted them slightly and said, "Nice to see you again, everyone."

"Darren..." The Chief Elder's voice trembled slightly, a glimmer of guilt flashing in his eyes. But he did not, for the life of him, have any idea about what to say at this moment.

"Darren! You're really Darren!" Alison, who had been standing behind several hosts watching the election, stood out and confirmed the suspicions she'd been having. She ecstatically said, "I thought you looked very similar. It is really you, Darren!"

Darren nodded to Alison and said, "Miss Yun has a good memory. You still remember a loser like me."

Alison was stunned upon hearing Darren's words. Had she offended him in any way before? Made him feel like she looked down on him?

Alison felt horrified at the possibility that she had offended him. She looked like she was about to cry. "I'm sorry, Sir," she whispered. "I shouldn't have been so reckless."

Darren was speechless for a moment. He softly laughed. He didn't expect her to be so anxious about their past encounters! "Miss Yun, take it easy. I'm just kidding," he said reassuringly.

Alison looked at Darren's relaxed expression, quite relieved. She nodded slightly and stepped back.

On the high platform in the crowd, the old man frowned when he saw Darren. Didn't he meet the boy in the street yesterday? Did th

turned her eyes to her master, Xander. Darren sighed and used his internal force to make her leave.

"Darren, she killed your family members and you let her go? Are you still a Chu Clan member or not?"

"Darren, you have such powerful strength! I can't believe you let her go after she did that to the Chu Clan! I despise you no matter how strong you are!"

"That's right! If you are afraid of the elder of the Valiance Sect, just admit it! Why pretend to be courageous? Your family members have been slaughtered and you dare not to take revenge?"

Several warriors from the families of the killed people shouted at Darren loudly. Scattered throughout the crowd came furious booing.


Darren's calm demeanor was disrupted by their remarks. His eyes gleamed with anger.

"Now you say you're my family? Now you say I'm part of the Chu Clan? You stupid fools! You really think I wouldn't get even with you?"

With that, he raised his sword and a majestic force burst out. It swiftly struck those who were cursing at him.


Those so-called masters in the Spirit Realm were swiftly injured by Darren's sword attack.

"If you say another word, I'll kill all of you! Understand?"

Darren sneered. He had stood up to help the Chu Clan because of his nostalgia. But every trace of his sentimentality was now gone. These idiots had actually invoked their so-called brotherhood and family bond to shame him!

"What the..." Many people who did not understand the situation completely stared speechless at each other. It was just now dawning on them that Darren was not as meek as he seemed.

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