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   Chapter 55 It's Him

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While Darren was in his quiet reverie, several people appeared on the platform of the training ground. They were elders of the Chu Clan. Besides them, Toby, the Captain from the Governor's Office, was seated in the middle of the platform.

"Everyone, silence," one elder announced, gesturing for the crowd to be quiet.

The noisy din died down quickly.

"Thank you for coming here. As you know, today we are going to elect our chief. Please allow me to introduce our honored guests. The Elder of the Yun Clan—Will Yun; the coach of the Wen clan—Cary Wen...

Of course, the Captain of Governor's Office, Toby Yun honors us with his presence."

After introducing these important guests, the elder announced the rules for the election. "There are three battle rings on the training ground. Anyone from our clan who thinks himself a perfect candidate for the chief can walk onto the stage and receive other people's challenges. As for our young generation, they can get one helper from their relatives considering their age."

The rules were simple. The wives of the former chief had invited strong cultivators from their maiden families to assist their children who intended to join the selection.

For such elections, young people usually went onto the stage first. To avoid exposing their real strength, the powerful cultivators would wait to show up as the election was about to close.

"I'm Nicholas. Who dares to challenge me?" Nicholas asked, glancing around.

He was the first to head onto the ring battle. 'If a respectable elder comes onto the field, I will graciously surrender. But if weak young cultivators want to challenge me, I will teach them a lesson, ' he mused.

"Blake, go teach that guy a lesson."

"Got it!" Blake replied, springing into action.

But suddenly, a maiden walked through the crowd, heading towards the field.

"It turns out the genius of the Chu Clan is a ridiculous clown," she said defiantly, an expression of fierceness on her face.

"Who are you? How dare you stir up trouble here?" an elder of the Chu Clan shouted at the girl with a stern expression.

"Good question!" the girl took another step forward and threw a token at him. She nonchalantly replied, "As a part of the Chu Clan, I'm qualified to run for the chief!"

The elder took the token, and his face changed instantly as he saw the characters on it. Hurriedly, he handed it to the Chief Elder.

"This is Gavin's token. He mentioned her and her mother before. She is his illegitimate child," the Chief Elder confirmed, displeasure written all over his face.

"Even though you have the blood of our clan, you're not qualified to attend the election. Your mother is an unvirtuous woman and she brought shame on our clan. You have been exiled. Just leave," the Chief Elder said gravely, staring sternly at

he Chu Clan. She accidentally killed people during the election for chief. Does that have anything to do with the Governor's Office?"

"You're twisting logic!" Toby growled, knowing that the old man had found viable loopholes.

"Ina, you can continue your business," the elder said to the maiden.

The girl cracked an evil smile. Pointing at a young man with a high cultivation base, she said coldly, "You, come fight with me."

The lad at the seventh stage of the Primary Realm stepped back in a panic. Shaking his head, he cried out, "No, no! I didn't plan on competing for that place!"

"It's not up to you," she snorted, and dashed off the stage. She grabbed the young man by the collar and dragged him onto the battle ring. She kicked him onto the floor, then swung her sword and cut his head.

'She has gone too far!' Darren thought.

With his eyes on the field, he walked slowly to the stage.

Toby was feeling terribly helpless at the sudden turn of events. But he spotted Darren among the crowd and his face lit up.

"Old man, don't be too sure of yourself. My distinguished guest is here. Don't think you can run away!" Toby said loudly. Having witnessed him slay a diabolic beast with Demonic Blood Skill, he was confident that Darren could easily handle that old man.

Keeping his eyes on Darren, Toby said respectfully, "Sir, please uphold justice and help the Chu Clan out."

When the elders heard this, hope rekindled within them. They followed Toby's gaze immediately, searching for this guest.

'Who is he referring to? I don't see any strong cultivator?' they pondered, perplexed.

"You've already taught them a lesson. Just stop!" Darren's distant voice came, surprising all the Chu Clan members.

"What's going on? It's him!" Several elders of the Chu clan exclaimed, looking at each other with amazement. They had certainly never expected him!

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