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   Chapter 54 Opening Of The Election

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Darren returned to the yard where in his childhood he had had played with his younger sister. The familiar scene and nostalgic memories somehow saddened him.

He had suffered too much humiliation and affliction here.

Remembering all this, Darren shook his head. His hatred was no longer as intense as before. It was rather ironic consider how he had amazing strength now.

He took a deep breath and strode over the threshold. The house was spotless. Someone must have been cleaning it regularly.

'Now, I have to think about how I should put into use the Omnipotent Talent Skill I gained from assimilating the diabolic beast, '

he thought, recalling that he had obtained the Omnipotent Talent Skill of "Blood Dragon Phantom".

The descriptions of this talent skill came rushing back as he focused on this matter at hand.

"What is the Avatar Rule?"

In his memory, the Avatar Rule that connected heaven to earth was frequently mentioned. Apart from that, many more names of rules were clear in his mind's eye. These included the Fighting Spirit Rule, Bloodshed Rule, Speed Rule, even Life Rule and Death Rule, but he obtained no description of them.

"This sort of talent skill requires the involvement of the forces of the nature," he said softly to himself.

Finally, he managed to pin down the Avatar Rule.

With this, he began to practice the diabolic beast talent skill according to the methods in his memory.

"Ah, what happened?"

The moment he attempted to do this, his head swam with dizziness and everything blurred.

Before long, everything turned black. He was completely unable to see anything.

'Am I blind?' he thought. He felt severe shooting pains in his eyes.

The pain didn't stop Darren's practicing. Instead, he tried to delve deeper into the descriptions in his mind.

"Well, I would have become a real blind man if I had stopped just now. I'm connecting the forces of the heaven and earth after all," he muttered.

Afflicted by extreme pain, Darren began to assimilate the spiritual energy in the heaven and earth. It was akin to assimilating spiritual herbs with his current talent. Fortunately, this huge amount of spiritual energy didn't turn into blade and sword internal force. Otherwise, all of his energy meridians would be shattered by the fierce collision between opposite blade and sword internal forces.

As his assimilation process commenced, the pain in his eyes diminished.

But he felt something go wrong when he opened his eyes.

He found himself in a silvery-white world that was completely unfamiliar.

All the objects around him were made from strands of silvery silk threads.


dely, earnest pride in his eyes.

"You are overestimating me, Sir," Darren said in a flat voice, hanging his head a little.

"Don't be so humble. Your strength is no less inferior to mine now. Oh, goodness! It's simply unbelievable!" he said, patting Darren's shoulder. "I need to prepare for tomorrow's grand election, have a good rest."

He left, immensely pleased. "I wonder how the other Elders will react when they witness Darren's strength. How frightened will they be?".

Before daybreak the next day, a noisy din began in Chu Clan's manor.

Darren got up and came out to the training ground. It was now crampedly crowded with countless people, including many members of visiting clans.

"I heard every side has invited masters at least at the second stage of the Spirit Realm to compete for this grand election. This is in fact a contest of backers of different sides."

"Correct, several other major clans in Valmar have also sent their masters here. I think they are going to pick fights, we'd better keep away from them."

"Why are you so afraid? I heard the Chief Elder has invited some masters from the Governor's Office to keep peace here. Moreover, the Governor's Office has invited an extraordinary powerful man to come here to maintain order. Those spectators from other clans dare not act foolishly here!"

Several young men of the Chu Clan's collateral line talked about the matter.

Around two hours later, thousands of people from all entities that had high status and strength had gathered on the Chu Clan's training ground.

Darren himself stood motionlessly in an inconspicuous corner. He wondered how the other people would react when Toby from the Governor's Office introduced him. Yes, him, Darren! He was the extraordinarily powerful man!

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