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   Chapter 53 Returning To The Acqua City (Part Two)

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"What are you doing, master? Why are you saluting this young fellow?" Seeing her master apologize to the young man, the girl asked out of confusion. She had no idea what just happened.

Hearing the old man's apology, Darren favored him with a sneer, "Pay careful attention to your words and actions."

Upon receiving this warning, the old man's face flushed with embarrassment. When he perceived the young man eavesdropping on their conversation, he just wanted to intimidate him by showing him his spiritual power. What caught him by surprise was that the youngster's spiritual power was much stronger than his. He tried to inspect him further to find out his real strength, but he failed. It was really hard to fathom the strength of the youngster. Judging from the power the youngster had displayed, he guessed he was at the fifth stage of the Spirit Realm, but his intuition also told him that his cultivation base should be higher than what he had released.

The fact that he was completely ignorant of the young man's cultivation base surprised him a lot. And what surprised him more was that the guy was just in his youth. He was so young but owned a terrific amount of power! The old man reached a final conclusion on the identity of the youngster: he must be a disciple of high status in some great sect. Realizing this, he knew he couldn't afford to offend someone with such power, so he hastened to apologize to prevent a full blown fight. And now, since the youngster had received his apology and didn't want any more trouble, he decided to leave quickly.

So he replied to the girl, "Nothing you should worry about. Come, we must go." After saying that, he once again cast an apologetic look towards Darren. He then walked towards an in

immediately caught a glimpse of Darren.

He put on a fake smile and walked towards him, saying, "How are you doing, Darren? You're just in time. I was just starting to miss you."

Knowing that what he said dripped with false sentiments, Darren replied without any expression on his face, "Surely. If I had been knocked off by anyone with a single move, I would also miss him very much."

"You!" Nicholas was not a person who was easily angered, but at this moment, his face turned hot red with rage. Then he shouted at him, "I heard that you had become a wreck when you joined the Ilmen Sect. Do you dare fight me now?"

Facing Nicholas' challenge, Darren just shook his head and said calmly, "You? Who do you think you are? Do you really think that you stand a chance against me?"

Upon finishing his words, Darren walked straight towards his residence.

"Bro, do you want me to kick his arrogant ass?" said a young man standing beside Nicholas. He didn't like Darren's arrogant behavior.

But Nicholas stopped him and sneered, "That wouldn't be necessary! If he dares to attend the election tomorrow, I'll beat him to his knees until he begs for mercy!"

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