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   Chapter 51 Toby's Request

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Five colossal bodies of the flood dragon dashed swiftly and violently towards Darren.

Darren groaned inwardly. His ultimate attack that had channeled all his internal force of blade and sword only managed to smash four of its avatars! The diabolic beast had grown impressively more powerful after the transformation.

Darren found it difficult to breathe under such enormous pressure.

"It seems that the only possible way to kill the beast is to mobilize my demonic internal force together with my internal force of blade and sword!"

Just as Darren was about to launch another attack and use up all his strength, several long, plaintive wails echoed through the air. The diabolic beast was transforming again!


The five colossal avatar bodies seemed to be suffering great agony. One avatar opened its large bloody mouth to assimilate the other four. In the blink of an eye, it had swallowed the other four avatars alive! Now, it swelled to several times its original size-- its body lengthened to one hundred meters!

The shadow of the Death loomed over Darren.

"What a terrifying skill! It can create nine avatars with each having exactly the same strength of the original one! Astounding! When the nine avatars merge into one, its strength becomes exponentially stronger! This is awfully scary," Darren murmured. His eyes froze and his face grew taut with solemnness.

This was going to be a do-or-die combat.

Darren mobilized his pyramidal demonic core from cinnabar field without hesitation and revolved it rapidly. Massive demonic internal force raged powerfully in his body. The internal force of blade and sword surged turbulently at the same time.


Driven to the brink of explosion, Darren was overwhelmed with an uninhibited burst of several combined internal forces.

"Go to hell!"

Darren waved his blade and sword upward at a lightning speed, his body channeling the apex of his power. The blade and sword swung so quickly that they produced a phantom effect.

Tremendous momentum of strength spurted out like an endless flood towards the flood dragon.

Roaring angrily at this attack, it nose-dived towards Darren. Blood flames burnt all over its inflated body.

To the observers, Darren's figure looked rather insignificant and tiny compared with the gigantic flood dragon.

When the two battling creatures collided, a large amount of blood burst forth. With it came an explosive noise that was almost enough to rouse the dead.

"How terrifying it is…" The three survivors behind the giant rock trembled in terror. They did not expect such a fierce attack coming from someone whom they assumed was dead!

Cracks spread near the hundred-meter-deep crater. The tremendous forces of Darren and the beast were enough to rip everything nearby to shreds. Heavy smoke billowed straight up into the sky.

A long while passed, and the three survivors held their breath.

"I am still alive…"

murmured Darren as he struggled to his feet. He felt sharp, shooting pain from head to toe.

The giant flood dragon, howeve

aintain public order of the city. On occasions like the Chu Clan selection, many other clans would attend the ceremony. The Governor's office usually sent a captain to host the ceremony and preserve order accordingly.

There were two reasons why Toby invited Darren. Firstly, he did so in order to express his gratitude and friendliness to Darren with a warm reception. Secondly, he could greatly strengthen the Governor's authority if he could invite such a superior master.

And of course, another important factor was that Toby feared that he could not convince strong elders from the attending clans.

Toby's heart raced wildly when he saw a weird expression come over Darren's face. How he wished he could slap himself! How dare he make such an unreasonable demand to this man of such a high status? Toby fitfully prayed that he had not offended the master with his careless and insatiable request. Irritating him after he had saved their lives was not his intention at all!

"Is it the Chu Clan selection?" asked Darren, to Toby's surprise.

Toby felt a little relieved. "Yes. It is exactly that. Have you heard about them, master?"

Alison's face filled with anticipation upon hearing this response.

"Ho-ho, I once got well acquainted with a Chu member in the Ilmen Sect. I will go with you to have a look then!"

When Darren had reached this high stage of cultivation, he had not the slightest inclination of partaking in these so-called selections. The Chief of the Chu Clan was of no interest to him. Nowadays, memories of the humiliations he had received in the Chu Clan seldom crossed his mind. He chose to let bygones be bygones now that he was powerful enough to overpower all the Clan's members.

Yet when the middle-aged man invited him to host the selection, Darren felt it might be the time to return to his childhood hometown. He'd never thought of participating in the selection as a candidate though!

The three rejoiced over Darren's acceptance of their request. They gathered their belongings, preparing to head to Acqua City.

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