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   Chapter 50 Land Flood Dragon

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Stunned, Alison stared at Darren with wide eyes.

But the very next second, she shrugged the thought off her head. With a disappointed face, she mused internally, 'No, it can't be him. Darren entered the Ilmen Sect only half a year ago! It would be impossible for him to reach the Spirit Realm in such a short time and then to dare to fight with a top-level diabolic beast. I have to be mistaking him for someone else!'

"Alison, what are you doing? Hurry up and find a place to hide. Don't get him in trouble," the young man reminded the maiden in a daze, wondering why she was taking so long.

"Got it," Alison replied, snapping back to her senses. Gingerly, she followed her companions with her head down.

This was like a nightmare for her. She kept regretting in her head, cursing herself. 'My self-will not only cost so many guards their lives but also harmed my uncle and brother...'

"I'm so sorry, Uncle, Dale; I'm the one to blame for all this," Alison uttered, breaking into a crying fit as the three of them sat down behind a huge rock.

"Come on, Alison, this isn't a time to cry. We should just look around and see if we can be of any help to him..." Toby Yun said, comforting her.

Top-level diabolic beasts were extremely powerful and strong. Even though he knew that the teenager's battle strength was par excellence, he was afraid he could still get hurt. He watched the fight between him and the beast intently with heart beating nervously. He was on his tip-toes, ready to come in handy if a critical moment occurred. After all, he had reached the sixth stage of the Spirit Realm.

"He is so young. Perhaps his father is an Elder of a big sect," he said, his eyes fixed on the young boy.

Toby was an experienced man. He was convinced disciples as talented and young as Darren could only be so strong if they came from big sects.

"Uncle Toby, I think I've seen him before," Alison said uncertainly, finally stopping her sob.

"Really?" the two exclaimed in surprise, their eyes lighting up.

"Alison, when and where did you make an acquaintance with such a promising young man?" Dale asked, inwardly pleased.

"Yes Alison, how did you come to be friends with such a genius? Which sect is he from?"

Toby asked in confusion, his eyes darting between Alison and the young boy.

Alison looked at the boy again. With a wry smile, she lowered her head and spoke, "Never mind... I was mistaken."

"Come on, Alison, tell us his name," Dale persisted. He was keen, for he didn't want to lose the opportunity of being friends with such a talented lad, even though the chances appeared to be slim.

Alison hesitated for a moment, and replied, "He looks a lot like Darren from the Chu Clan."

Dale heaved a sigh as soon as Alison gave out the name. "No, no. It can't be that guy. I've heard rumors about Darren. And even if the rumors are true and his talent has reached the Black Degree, I don't think h

on had withstood them.

The flood dragon now fell abruptly, creating an impact so large that it made Darren collapse as the ground beneath his feet shifted.

With a sad and painful shriek, the dragon's form suddenly changed.

Its body split into nine bodies, each exuding the red, overwhelming glow full of invincible power.

"What the hell!" Darren was compelled to unleash his divine sense to check if the beast had created an illusion. To his surprise, it hadn't. 'It really has got nine bodies! And each one of them is supremely strong!' he thought, stunned at the new discovery.

Darren got flustered. Clutching his sword and blade tightly, he gathered all his internal force, preparing to land a fatal blow at the beast.

He exerted the Profound Nine Sword Skills and the Grand Thirteen Blade Skills to the fullest. At that very point, the land and the sky seemed to shake up completely, as if someone held the planet and shook it incessantly.

The formidable sword's and blade's internal forces came at the flood dragon with full rigor. But instead of dodging the attack, it stretched its nine large claws.

The whole of Barren Wasteland started to tremble! The collision of the two terrifying forces caused an almost hundred meters deep hole in the ground. The dust engulfed the space around them.

"How is this possible?" Darren felt like he was being crushed under a large mountain, his breath becoming more and more laborious. Meanwhile, his body convulsed in ridiculous pain. He looked at the flood dragon in the chaos and found it dashing at him with five bodies!

Alison, Dale and Toby too would have been covered in the dust completely if Toby hadn't gathered his vital energy to protect them.

"This is not good." Toby's face changed, seeming to be in a deep worry. "What should we do?" he said. "The young hero is going to get killed," he finished after a pause. His eyes screamed of terror as he gulped down his dry throat.

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