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   Chapter 49 Crazy Improvement

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After emerging from the field, Darren did not immediately return to the Ilmen Sect. Instead, he prepared to kill some powerful diabolic beasts to enhance his talent.

This was the central area of the Barren Wasteland, where there was a larger concentration of diabolic beasts compared to the periphery.

Darren walked around in search of these beasts. A few steps later, Darren came across a level two diabolic beast.

It was much more powerful than level nine normal beast. It was rare for a Spirit Realm cultivator at the third or fourth stage to defeat one of these.

"Aha! How fast this thing runs!"

The diabolic beast had sensed Darren and could tell that Darren wanted to kill it. So it bolted away immediately.

Quickly, Darren chased it without hesitation. He mobilized the demonic internal force in his body and hit it with a palm strike, and the level two diabolic beast was killed on the spot.

"Huh, the power of the demonic internal force is even stronger than the internal force of the sword and blade!"

Darren said as he looked at the beast's corpse with great satisfaction. As soon as his activated his mind, a green light floated onto Darren's head.

"Well, the skill of this beast was quite strong! The light has even turned into a green color. After I've absorbed it, my skill has increased considerably!" Darren beamed, overjoyed.

But a moment later, he frowned slightly.

"Oh, no, because I just used the demonic internal force, a small scale has grown on my abdomen!"

Darren said, realizing this as he examined himself.

"It seems that I can't use the demonic internal force at will until I have completely cultivated the second stage of the Nine Changes of the Demon," Darren decided.

If he used the demonic internal force at will, his body would morph into a demon bit by bit. If he was found by other cultivators, he would definitely be thought as a fiend himself. This would mean constant trouble following him everywhere.

Darren took the diabolic beast's cardiac core and absorbed the spiritual energy from it. After that, he wiped off the scale that had emerged on his skin.

In this way, Darren unconsciously spent a month in the Barren Wasteland killing beasts. In his wake were entire fields of diabolic beast corpses.

In the dense forest, Darren was absorbing the spiritual energy from a five-level diabolic beast when a brilliant light shone in his eyes. His breath changed greatly and he entered a more calm and restrained state.

"Up to now, I have absorbed the talent and cardiac cores of at least one hundred low-level diabolic beasts. But now these low-level diabolic beasts can't help to improve my talent anymore."

Darren could only feel that everything within three miles was within his scope of exploration, and he did not know how much his talent had grown.

"Could it be true that my talent has reached the edge of the Earth Degree?" Darren was very excited when he considered this possi

Flood Dragon was chasing several humans.

"Brother, Uncle, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have been so obstinate about coming here!"

A distressed girl collapsed on the ground helplessly.

"Isn't that the Governor's daughter?"

Darren said, recognition dawning over his face. As the strongest forces in Acqua City, Chu Clan and the Governor often intersected, and Darren had met Alison Yun several times. But she must not have taken him seriously then, for Darren had a reputation for being good-for-nothing.

'Well, with my strength, it wouldn't be a big deal to save her, '

Darren thought. Several people were about to die from the beast and so he moved quickly and ran to them.


The Land Flood Dragon had opened its mouth and was just about to swallow up a middle-aged man when an unexpectedly fierce and unparalleled force suddenly emerged and struck it on its solid scales.

Darren had conquered the beast with a single palm strike.

The survivors were stunned.

"Sir, thank you very much for your help!"

the middle-aged man panted, immediately taking the lead to kneel before him. In his eyes pooled tears of relief.

"Alison, Dale, kneel down to thank the Master."

This man's strength must be so tremendous! To vanquish a level nine diabolic beast with one palm strike was no easy feat!

Alison Yun and her brother Dale Yun immediately knelt down to thank him. They were too amazed to raise their heads.

"It doesn't matter. But you'd better hurry up. That beast won't give up easily. You should go hide somewhere safe now," Darren said, staring at the Land Flood Dragon who was now growing angrier.

The three survivors got to their feet in a hurry. But when Alison Yun raised her head, she was hit with a wave of puzzlement.

'He's so young, he's the same age as me, he looks like... Why do I feel like I've met him before? He's so familiar!

He is... Da-Darren of the Chu Clan?' she stammered, her eyes widening.

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