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   Chapter 48 Get Out Of The Coffin

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Gathering his demonic power and internal force altogether, Darren attempted to release his strength to advance.

As soon as he began to lift his foot, a physical force dawned on him. He barely withstood the force, failing to take a step forward.

"I made a huge mistake!" he exclaimed to himself, shaking his head in disbelief. 'As I attempted to take a step forward back then, I also felt such heavy pressure on me—even heavier than this. According to the Nine Changes of the Demon, if I master the first stage, I can become as powerful as a cultivator at the peak stage of the Spirit Realm!

Even when my strengths are already to the likeness of one at the peak stage of the Spirit Realm, I am unable to move. Perhaps, this world is not that nice to outsiders like me. If I don't use internal force, I might make it!'

Too many thoughts were circulating inside his mind. However, Darren still had the energy in him to laugh at the situation.

After withdrawing his sword and blade internal forces, he raised his foot. Then, he realized that his assumption was indeed right. Slowly now, Darren managed to take a step forward.

Stopping in his tracks, he decided not to keep going. After he ceased to use his internal force, the pressure on him became lighter. Despite the change, he was still under great pressure. After all, he was not in his own world.

'Oh wow, ' he thought to himself. 'There are so many spiritual herbs here!' Darren allowed his eyes to travel, scanning his surroundings.

Enthusiastically, he began picking up the spiritual herb that blossomed in a bunch right before him.

'The spiritual energy in these is so strong! I can feel it!' Eagerly, Darren started to assimilate all the energy he could get from the grass.

Thanks to the assimilation skill that he acquired, he was able to refine the grass quickly. However, there was just one flaw—the utilization rate of the spiritual energy was quite low. He was only able to absorb one-tenth of the herb's spiritual energy.

It didn't take long for Darren to finish naturalizing about one hundred herbs. After the process, he gained a huge amount of energy. Half of it turned into demonic internal force, while the rest served as the sword and blade internal force.

He concentrated his mind carefully so that he could sense the energy meridians. To his amazement, the aggressive black demonic internal force was crushing the sword and blade internal forces.

The two internal forces didn't just stay still. They, too, squabbled against the demonic internal force.

'This can't be good. These forces are just going to keep on getting stronger. What if they cause my meridians to break?' he thought to himself, aware of the possibilities that the situation could cause.

'Whatever. What's important is returning to my original human form, ' he thought, reassuring himself.

Smiling sarcastically at his current circumstance, he looked down on his body that was covered with black spines and scales.

Without any more hanging back, he began to practice the second stage of Nine Changes of the Demon.

Naturally, the second stage was more difficult to master compa

ealized that his surroundings had become brighter.

Bumping into something soft, Darren opened his eyes at once. As he did so, the sky unfolded before him.

"I finally got out of that place," Darren told himself, letting out a sigh of relief.

As he took a glance around him, he realized that he was in the same spot where he disappeared. Those dead cultivators' bodies had been cleared, but the smell of their blood still lingered in the air.

All of a sudden, the old bronze coffin started to shake in front of him.

The golden runes that surrounded it glistened brightly.

The coffin slowly began to ascend into the air, causing a gust of wind to blow right into Darren's direction.

Soon enough, it vanished quickly into the depths of the clouds.

After the coffin's disappearance, several unknown figures appeared.

They were the Wonder Realm experts who were asked to stay there.

"Brat, what are you doing here?" one of them asked, eyebrows furrowed.

Beads of sweat formed all over Darren's forehead. 'I wasn't able to detect them, which only means they're very strong, ' he thought.

"Sir, I'm a disciple of Ilmen Sect. I came here to cultivate but got lost," Darren humbly responded. He showed respect by bowing his head slightly before them.

"Is that so? I've stayed in the same place for days but know what is going on a hundred miles away. How come I never chanced upon you? Care to explain?"

"I think you're overreacting. That demon had run away, and other low-level fiends have been slain. Hell, even the coffin had flown away! It's time to go," another one of them stated.

"You have a point. That coffin freaked me out. Our Holy Lord came here to check on it but didn't find anything special or useful about it. It seemed like one of those common coffins."

One of the Wonder Realm masters turned to Darren's direction and spoke, "Why are you still here? Get lost. Many people got themselves killed out here only three months ago. You best be careful."

"Thank you, sir. I will be careful."

Darren nodded relentlessly as he stepped back to take his leave.

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