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   Chapter 47 Enter The Bronze Coffin

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Darren was surprised to see the huge palm descend from the sky. It was about to crush him to smithereens. He rushed forward, hoping to dodge the attack but it was unlikely due to its tremendous size.

The mysterious bronze coffin ahead of Darren was his only way to escape the attack.

In a moment of desperation, Darren rushed into the coffin.


The palm shadow hit the bronze coffin and bounced off of it, meanwhile the extraordinary warrior who launched the palm attack plummeted and was obviously wounded.

For Darren, he was immediately confused with the insides of the bronze coffin.

The world inside seemed broken.

Countless graves were scattered as far as one could see across the bleak, boundless, and black earth, giving off an old-world atmosphere.

In front of most graves were gravestones, engraved with ancient golden words.

A gentle breeze kissed Darren's face and swayed the weeds. Darren didn't expect the deathly stillness to show any sign of life.

"No, something is wrong! They aren't weeds, they are superior spiritual herbs."

Darren was dazed. The lowest and humblest weeds were superior spiritual herbs. But there were more weeds with greater vitality than the superior spiritual herbs.

"My goodness."

This place was in fact abundant with treasures beyond Darren's imagination. Urged by his strong inner desire, Darren wanted to pluck those herbs so badly but he couldn't move an inch as if his feet were tightly bound by the earth.

"I don't believe this nonsense!" Blinded by the immense amount of treasures, Darren would by no means let this golden opportunity slip away. He channeled all his internal force to try and lift his leg.

After moving about half an inch, an overwhelming force pushed Darren onto the ground like a huge mountain was dropped down on him. In a split second, two of his chest bones were gravely fractured by the pressure.

With great astonishment, he hurriedly withdrew the leg he attempted to lift.

"That was horrifying! The power could have crushed me into bits if I continued moving!

Eh, there is a small area with footsteps."

Darren looked ahead and saw an area about ten meters to his right that had markings of what seemed to be footsteps on the ground. It was a circular area with a radius of about three feet. In front of it was an ancient tomb, its tombstone was engraved with words used among humans.

"The tomb of the Demon King Andrew."

Darren read on.

"I died in this divine coffin when I went

A splash of blood spurted out of his mouth the instant he began to comprehend the second stage of the demon martial skill. Sudden waves of sharp pain were felt from his elixir field, even the pyramid-shaped black demon core stopped spinning.

"It must be the consequence of my forcible comprehension of the second stage of the demon martial skill, maybe my 'demon core' is not powerful enough," Darren muttered, coming to realize the truth.

After assuming that it was the reason, Darren started going through the first stage again in hopes of absorbing more heaven and earth spiritual energy to strengthen the demon core in his elixir field.

"Alas, even my Black Degree talent is not capable of absorbing enough spiritual energy to meet the demand of this demon core. It feels like a bottomless pit that can never be filled, all my spiritual energy keeps disappearing without a trace," Darren sighed.

Several days passed, Darren could only lament over his failure to assimilate the endless "weeds" before him. If only he could pluck some weeds and assimilate!

Then all of a sudden, Darren covered his face with hands and shouted. "Why am I so stupid? Maybe I can make a few steps forward because my strength has improved a lot from my successful cultivation of the first stage of the demon martial skill!"

Watching closely the deep footsteps ahead of him, Darren guessed it must have had taken the man who flew out of the coffin a long time of cultivation before he reached the gravestone.

Next, Darren channeled his internal energy to his feet and tried to move forward, two steps would be more than enough for him to pluck over a hundred superior spiritual herbs.

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