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   Chapter 46 Transforming To A Fiend

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"Ah!" Darren gave a cry of pain at the sensations claiming his body.

His insides screamed in agony. It was as if he would burst any second now. When he wielded the sword, the strong sword internal force was released along with it.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Dalton asked him, his tone edging on irritation. When he saw Darren's pained expression, he thought he was playing some kind of trick.

He charged at Darren with surefooted speed. A loud, metallic ring burst out when their weapons collided.

The impact sent a powerful recoil through Darren's body. Before he knew it, he had crashed into a wall, his back hitting the stone with a powerful thud. The same thing happened to Dalton. Like a kite that had snapped its thread, he flew with the wind- almost being thrown out of the cave.

He scarcely had time to process his shock. How could it be? Darren was a mere beginner of the Spirit Realm while he himself was at the ninth stage. There was a huge gap between them. He was a master, and Darren was a novice. How was it possible for him to possess such strength?

"Ow!" Darren cried out again.

He sensed the black smoke in his energy pathways inflated and spread out.

The next thing he knew was a stinging pain in his back, accompanied with a series of cracking noises, like the sound of branches snapping. .

It was then that he realized that his backbones were being broken by the black smoke as it travelled through his body. His face morphed into an expression of agony, magnified by his understanding of what was happening. All of a sudden, several black spikes stabbed out of the flesh of his back. His hands had turned dark in color, like the claws of a fiend.

His eyes widened in horror as he watched the changes in his body. "What on earth is going on? Is my body transforming?" Darren cried out in both fear and shock.

Everyone watched with disbelieving eyes as Darren transformed into something of a half human and half demon in front of them.

Darren felt his consciousness slipping away, and his senses were overtaken with an intense thirst for blood. Murder seemed to be such a delectable concept. He could almost taste the exquisite flavor on his tongue.

The sight had strewn panic among the onlookers. "Kill him!" a voice shouted, breaking the standstill.

The cultivators in the cave were all masters of at least the seventh-stage of the Spirit Realm. They rushed forward to kill Darren together.

"Hissss..." A sound similar to that of the bron

speed of an arrow.

"You dare try to escape, fiend?" a voice came from the sky.

Countless figures appeared in midair all at once. A terrifyingly powerful aura emanated from them.

"The masters of the Wonder Realm!"

"We are saved. We are finally saved!"

"They must have been sent from the Holy Land to kill the fiend."

The people began to rejoice at the appearance of the Wonder Realm masters.

The Wonder Realm was a realm only for the greatest. Only the strongest people in the entirety of the continent could reach this realm.

From the sky, at least a hundred Wonder Realm cultivators rushed forward to the fiend at the same time.

However, some of them fell down like dead comets the moment they were near the black fiend.

"Be careful, everyone! Let it go! It is still far too strong," their leader shouted.

The cultivators stopped their attacks immediately and the fiend quickly vanished to the distant sky.

"Go kill the other low grade fiends!" their leader ordered. A blinding halo of light formed from the masters of the Wonder Realm. Then, rays flew quickly in all directions.


The sound of miserable screams from the fiends filled the air.

Soon enough, the low grade fiends were all beaten.

Darren's consciousness was gradually returning. However, the black spikes on his back seemed not to disappear.

"This is bad. With such an appearance, I'll be regarded as a fiend and be killed."

With this thought, Darren ran hurriedly, trying to look for somewhere to hide.

But in no time at all, his movements had caught the attention of a Wonder Realm master. A huge palm descended from the sky towards him.

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