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   Chapter 44 Being Driven Into A Gorge

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Darren ran desperately into the woods, trying to escape. He was not as strong as Dalton and his companions. They already reached higher stages in terms of martial arts skills. He was not confident about the odds of him winning if they ever had to fight. If he got caught, he was almost sure he would die.

He ran as fast as he could, trying to lose them. He intentionally chose a path that was not going to be easy for them to follow. Vines hung from every corner in between the gaps of the trees. They would surely be tangled up in them if they didn't take their time to be careful.

Darren could hear the sound of their heavy footsteps from several hundred meters behind him. He could even hear their shouts and threats.

'They run too fast. They will catch me, for sure. I need to find another way to escape, ' Darren thought, worried.

They were all more proficient in fighting than he was. It also wouldn't be a surprise if they were also faster. It wouldn't be long until they caught up to him. It was fortunate that they were in the woods. The giant trees made for good hiding places and distractions. It took Dalton time to find the right way, giving Darren time to escape.

"Hurry up. That bastard could not have gotten far. I will beat him up so badly when I catch him!" Dalton cursed.

Darren could hear that they were close.

Suddenly, he spotted a level four Pocket Beast right in front of him. That gave him an idea. Darren rushed towards it and gave it a big slap. Immediately, it passed out.

On its belly was a large pocket. Darren fixed the beast's position to make it look as if it were sleeping. Then, he gently slipped himself into its pocket and held his breath to conceal his presence as best as he could.

"Eh? Where did he go? Is he hiding somewhere?"

Dalton and his companions asked when they finally managed to break free of the vines. Darren seemed to have disappeared completely.

"Search the place!"

"I still cannot understand how that bastard became so strong. How did he manage to sneak up on Matt and kill him?"

"He also killed William the other day. So, if my calculations are correct, he must have already peaked the third stage of the Spirit Realm! We shouldn't have underestimated him. Then again, he was very badly injured after the fight that day. Also, according to rumors, he had internal forces of both blade and sword! This was probably why he hurt himself. An elder said that it was very unlikely for him to survive for long. It is truly a mystery why he managed to recover completely in just two days," one of Dalton's companions thought aloud.

"Cut the fucking crap. He will regret murdering Matt right in front of me. I will kill him!" Dalton e

are dangerous!"

Suddenly, more people started to appear. Apparently, they were all escaping from different places and all happened to go in the same direction.

Darren looked around. Again, he saw even more people rush out of the woods frantic and afraid. They were all trying to escape only to arrive at the same empty, dark place.

'These people look strong, ' he thought. 'They seem to be disciples from different sects who either come here on missions or are just looking for ways to challenge themselves.' Darren rushed towards the empty area, frowning.

Despite their differences, they had one thing in common: they were all running for their lives. Everyone rushed towards the gorge nearby without hesitation. It was the only way out, after all. None of them had a choice.

Even Darren found no other way. He sped towards the gorge as well.

Several fiends ran after them. Tens of people were driven into the same gorge.

After running for about one kilometer, they finally reached their destination. It was a large, spacious and empty area.

Observing his surroundings, Darren found himself shocked by what he saw.

In front of him, were corpses. They were everywhere and there were hills of them.

In the middle of it all was a bronze coffin covered with ancient patterns that floated quietly. A dark smoke seemed to seep through it continuously.

"Awoooooo!" a howl echoed.

There seemed to be something inside the bronze coffin. When it felt the life around it, it howled excitedly. Then, it started to shake.


Screams arose. As soon as the dark smoke that came out of the bronze coffin touched a human body, the human body shriveled and quickly dried up until only a layer of skin, visible meridians, and eyeballs were left. It was an extremely dreadful sight.

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