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   Chapter 43 Raid

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Darren searched around carefully with his spiritual sense for something or someone that could be watching, but he found nothing around him. He could only hear the chirping of insects in his ears. Darren felt odd about the situation.

Perhaps it was just his imagination.

Darren rubbed his head and turned around to continue his march into the wet and dense forest.

After traveling for a while, the corpses of several giant beasts appeared before Darren's eyes.

"Judging from the scents, these appear to be diabolic beasts, which are even more fierce than the ordinary ones." Darren moved on, walking past the corpses that had been gnawed on by other creatures.

Darren was pleased to find these mighty beasts. If he could kill just a few of them, his talent would be significantly improved. The cardiac cores of the diabolic beasts also contained a lot of spiritual energy, which would be particularly helpful to his cultivation.

In front of him, an Armor Beast moved leisurely through the trees, looking for food. It had not yet noticed Darren's presence.

"Wow, this Armor Beast is level eight."

Armor Beasts typically stayed in the lower levels. In the area of the forest that Darren previously visited, the Armor Beasts were at most level three or four. But in here, even an Armor Beast could be level eight. It was really extraordinary.

However, this was exactly the type of opportunity Darren needed now.

Darren tried to hide his breath and quietly approached the level eight beast. His hand gripped on a cold sword, ready to release an attack at any moment.

Suddenly, the sword stretched.

Darren rushed to the Armor Beast with all his speed, and with a single stroke of the sword, he split open its throat.

"The dumb creature didn't even notice me."

Darren laughed. Then he absorbed the talent of the Armor Beast and immediately began to assimilate its cardiac core.

But the spiritual energy contained in the level eight beast's cardiac core was still not enough for Darren. He needed even more spiritual energy for both curing his wounds and accumulating internal force.

As he moved through the forest, he killed more than thirty level-seven and level-eight beasts, and slowly he began to recover from his injuries. Now, his physical condition was almost fully restored to peak condition. He had accumulated plenty of internal force inside his body.

A sudden noise rang through the air.

Darren felt something flash by in front of him and disappear just as quickly. It was like an illusion.

"No," he said to himself. "Something is going on." Darren was a little nervous. He was now certain something was following him, but he still could not detect

rd Darren.

Darren shivered and took a few steps backward, putting up his arms in feigned terror.

As Matt approached, Darren moved quickly, bringing forward the internal forces of sword and blade, raising them violently until they reached their limit.

A cold sword went straight at Matt's throat.

He had no defense against Darren's unexpected attack. But as a sixth stage Spirit Realm cultivator, his strength was much stronger than Darren's. When the tip of the sword was about to pierce his throat, Matt turned away his body with extreme speed, and only a shallow line of blood was left on his neck.

"Little bastard, I will split your body into pieces," Matt said with extreme fury.

Darren sneered back and said, "You'll need the chance to do it first!"

When Matt escaped Darren's sword, the blade in Darren's other hand reached the back of Matt's head. Now the internal force of the blade was surging wildly.

As the blade punctured Matt, his pupils enlarged with more curiosity than anger. His final thought was a disbelief that he was being killed by a boy with less power.

Alerted by a scream, Dalton and the others, who had not yet gone far, turned back and saw Matt's limp body drop to the ground.

"It can't be! He killed Matt!"

Darren immediately acted. A split second later, he had disappeared into the dark vines, making leaps over dense foliage, racing through the trees, and trying his best to escape.

He was able to kill Matt because the man had greatly underestimated Darren's strength. Matt did not have his defenses up and had not expected the second move. Otherwise, Darren would not have won.

"Bring him to me! Kill that bastard!" At the command of Dalton, his followers ran into the forest, chasing after Darren in the direction of his disappearance.

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