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   Chapter 42 Return To The Barren Wasteland

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Receiving his assigned task, Darren returned to Sword Mountain to inform the school about it. He didn't think that he should leave just like that.

In the hall, Cody seriously looked Darren in the eyes. "Darren, how dare you try to earn these kinds of resources? Don't you know how dangerous it is?"

Being his senior, Cody tried to stop Darren from performing dangerous tasks.

"Darren, look, could you give up this task? I can lend you some of my superior spiritual herbs if you need them. One hundred herbs are enough for me in a month, anyway." Cody, a senior disciple of the School of Sword Skill, had gotten more resources than the other disciples.

"Thank you, bro! Actually, I was planning to find a method to resolve my problem of cultivating both sword and blade skills." Darren had to tell a lie to him.

The task was to go into the Barren Wasteland. Darren's life had changed there after he learned the ability of assimilation. He eagerly wanted to go there again, because he had made rapid progress in all his skills.

It was known to all that the Barren Wasteland was a place more dangerous than hell itself, but in Darren's point of view, it was a paradise. To other disciples, the beasts in there were the most fierce monsters, but in Darren's eyes, they were the best resources.

"Enough!" Thomas said, walking out from the back of the hall. "Darren, I know that I shouldn't blame you on your cultivating both sword and blade skills.

However, could you please not be so impulsive? No one cares if you die or not, but it would bring shame to the School of Sword Skill." Thomas seemed to be very upset.

Hearing that, Darren didn't know what to say. He assumed that Elder Thomas might have changed his opinion of him, but according to what he said just now, he was still the Elder Thomas.

"Thanks for your suggestion, Elder Thomas. I will keep that in mind." Darren replied unemotionally.

"I could have punished you for your selfishness, but you'll be dead soon anyway. You are free to leave." Thomas felt angry at Darren, but he felt even more disappointed.

Why was that?

It began from when Thomas found Darren in the Chu Clan's residence. He tested Darren and found that he had a special gift. He asked him if he was willing to join the School of Sword Skill, and Darren said yes. Thomas was very pleased with this at the time. He knew it was difficult to find someone special, and at last

an who had reached the Spirit Realm at such a young age. Anyone who reached the fifth or sixth stage of the Spirit Realm could be regarded as a master, such as the Chief Elder of the Chu Family.

Darren's father reached the ninth stage of the Spirit Realm around forty. He was regarded as a local master and a legend among the members of the Chu Family.

But he was still much lower than the geniuses in sects. Some disciples of the sects had gotten unique skills and gifts. They could receive as many resources as they needed, and so some Black Degree talents could reach Mysterious Realm by the age of twenty.

Moreover, it was said that there were more gifted geniuses in the big fields and the Holy Lands, who could have a talent at the Earth or the Heaven Degree. They would also be stronger at the same age as others.

The disciples of Ilmen Sect killed the beast and took its cardiac core and fur. Then they walked on.

'They must be the ones who took the task of killing the beasts of the seventh level.' Darren was sure that they were coming from Ilmen Sect. He was right to avoid meeting them.

One of them called Dalton was the son of the elder of the School of Blade Skill. He wouldn't be kind to Darren if they met in the wasteland.

After they left, Darren came out from where he was hiding. He chose another path to get into the forest.

When he entered the forest, he could feel a dark, damp, and gloomy presence.

"Who's there?" Darren asked in a loud voice and turned around.

Form the moment he had arrived, Darren felt that someone was stalking him. He looked around but saw nothing.

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