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   Chapter 41 Task

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When Darren woke up, he found himself already back in his room.

His meridians were shattered and he was in severe pain. He found it difficult to even sit up.

"I have a lot to do to improve my cultivation base by assimilating spiritual energy. My talent of the Black Degree can be used to comprehend cultivation methods. But as of now, it can't be used to absorb spiritual energy yet," murmured Darren with a bit of a pity, evaluating his current state.

He then sat up slowly and took out a healing pill.

'I do not know whether or not this healing pill will help with my injury. I can't take it directly, the spiritual energy inside it might damage my meridians, ' he thought.

Considering it for a while, Darren decided to directly assimilate the healing pill.

After a moment, a puff of white smoke rose out from his body.

"Well, that worked. I feel a little better."

Darren found assimilating the healing pill helpful. He then assimilated two more. In a few minutes, he found himself feeling so much better than before.

Darren slowly got off his bed, feeling a bit worried.

If he were to improve his cultivation base by assimilation, he would need plenty of resources. Where could he get them?

Just as he was thinking, the door to his room opened.

"Darren, are you feeling better?" asked a soft voice. It was Fiona, the girl Darren had met on the road before.

She looked around cautiously for fear of being seen.

"Fiona, why are you coming here?" asked Darren.

"I came to see you. It's really unfortunate for you to have to suffer so many bad things. Someone from the School of Blade Skill told me what happened and... Oh, forget it!" Fiona said, embarrassed.

"Ha-ha, did they all say that I would not live long?" Darren said with a smile.

Several books told of how fusing the sword intent seed and the blade intent seed caused someone to gather an immense amount of power for a limited amount of time before the force killed him internally because of broken meridians. Looking back at his fight with Karl yesterday, Darren did realize how powerful he was. Given that, she felt quite sure that he was about to die soon.

Fiona felt bad about what Darren had to go through. She nodded slowly.

"I'm really sorry that something like this has happened to you, Darren. Although you and I have not known each other very long, I still feel very sad for you," Fiona said sincerely.

"It's all right. I might find a way to survive it," Darren replied calmly. In his mind, as long as he did not absorb spiritual energy from the outside world, he should be able to properly protect his meridians.

"I hope so," Fiona replied sadly. "Well, here are the superior spiritual herbs that I got from the School of Blade Skill. They mig


Looking at the task, Darren felt like it was something he could finish successfully. He had heard that the Barren Wasteland was dangerous. He had only entered the outskirts of it before. Still, it should be easy enough if he only needed to explore. Besides, if any danger arrived, he could just escape it.

Without hesitation, Darren wrote his name under the task and took it on.

Seeing Darren take on the task, the mouths of the disciples around him all fell open with surprise.

"Oh my goodness! He has taken on that task. I heard it was related to fiends. Dalton wanted to take it on recently, but Elder Alan severely scolded him because he thought that accepting the task was suicide," one disciple said.

"Yeah, I also heard that deep within the Barren Wasteland, people found corpses of the cultivators in the Wonder Realm. Rumor has it that the corpses were half eaten. Horrible, right? I can't believe anyone would dare to accept that task!" another commented.

Darren frowned at the remarks.

"Congratulations, brother! You have successfully taken on the task. I wish you every success on your endeavor. This is the task token. When you finish the task, you may go to the Resource Pavilion to claim your reward. Here you are!" A disciple who was in charge of the task list handed the task token to Darren immediately for fear that he would back out.

The truth was that Darren started to worry a little when he heard the people talking about the task. At the same time, it intrigued him even more. Besides, he was in desperate need of the resources. If he entered the Barren Wasteland, he might even be able to slay some level-9 beasts. He could then assimilate their talents and spiritual energy from their cardiac cores.

With those thoughts, Darren put away the task token and went on his way, ignoring the others.

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